Home Features That Will Attract Home Buyers And 17 That Will Scare Them Off!

Potential buyers want to envision themselves living in your house for many years to come, and that requires jogging their senses. From creating a friendly environment to employing the use of nostalgic fragrances, you can attract buyers. Use property development finance to maximise the value of your property. Of course, nothing tops a buyer’s list more than a home that has the following attractive features!

Outdoor Entertaining Space

Landscaped outdoor entertainment spaces such as a patio or a deck are highly sought after by potential buyers. Any amount of outdoor space that allows buyers to interact with friends and family can help make your home appealing— even if the space is just an outdoor kitchen or a tiny porch. The addition of these spaces can significantly improve your standing in any market. However, a swimming pool can actually negatively impact buyers as they often find them cumbersome to care for and they use too much space.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Homes with energy-efficient features are high on the list of wants for most buyers. Energy-efficient windows that filter light and insulate well are always highly sought after. If you haven’t already done so, making this investment can help you sell your house fast. Of course, solar panels are another fantastic and attractive feature to most buyers. With the rising cost of utilities, many are looking for ways to not just reduce their carbon footprints, but to save money. Any features that are energy efficient in your home are well worth noting to potential buyers as they will likely connect with your property more.

Designated Office Spaces

Thanks to the pandemic, many offices have chosen to allow their employees to work remotely at home. This has given rise to the need for designated office spaces at home. If your home has a tiny bedroom or unused space, convert it quickly into a working office space. A desk and a built-in shelf are all you need to set the scene. An area with a separate door or entrance is desirable, but not a necessity!

17 Features That Deter Buyers

  • 1. Walls with cracks
  • 2. Signs of mould or mildew
  • 3. Too much clutter and personal belongings
  • 4. Walls with wear to the paint
  • 5. Dirty and unclean bathrooms
  • 6. Peeling old wallpaper
  • 7. Old and dated decor
  • 8. An overgrown yard without landscaping
  • 9. No insulation
  • 10. Musty odours and bad smells
  • 11. Trash piles in or around your house
  • 12. A grimy kitchen
  • 13. Broken or messed up fence panels
  • 14. An unclean or filthy living area
  • 15. Dirty or stained flooring, especially carpeting
  • 16. Broken fixtures
  • 17. Damaged or broken windows
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