A top pest control firm is offering customers a special Halloween deal—with an EXORCISM thrown in for free.

Fantastic Services Pest Control is offering to deal with any insect infestations and then clean the problem property to wipe away any trace of dead bugs. To complete the service—dubbed Hallow-clean—they will carry out the exorcism to ensure no supernatural nuisances last beyond October 31.

Fantastic Services Founder and CEO Rune Sovndahl, said, “Most people will think they don’t have pest problems but they would be shocked to hear what is really crawling around inside their household and bed especially.

“Many allergies and diseases are caused by these silent bugs, living and breeding in people’s home, yet they don’t know it, and this can lead to very serious health issues. We’ve created this service to alert people to the problem at this scary time of year and encourage them to act on it.”

Fantastic Services is happy to lay your fears to rest, though, by casting out the cockroaches with a pest exorcism, involving chanting ‘stop, stop, stop’ three times while laying baits, sealing holes and performing a dust mite treatment with an advanced UV vacuum cleaner, depending on the type of pest. Then they will clean up the ‘exorcism’ aftermath with a deep clean of the whole property.

The Hallow-clean deal will be 20% cheaper than booking separate pest control and cleaning services—and the exorcism is thrown in for free. With festive gatherings and celebrations just round the corner, don’t leave it too late to sort out any scary pest possessions of your home!

Top five scary pest films:

Weevil Dead
Blight Night
A Haunted Louse
Pest Sematary

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