Green and Sustainable Businesses in London

London is a thriving and vibrant city, offering unlimited opportunities for business and investment. However, just like in many other places around the world, there’s a concern for the wellbeing of the planet.

This has led to what’s been described as an environmental renaissance, with an appetite for London to lead the way with green businesses. Buzzwords such as renewable energy, zero waste and sustainability have gained traction in the capital, striking a chord with the public.

Investing in Green

Eco-businesses aren’t just a passing trend. They are definitely here to stay.

Greta Thunberg may have been one of the loudest global voices in recent years, but her passion for all things eco is symbolic of many. Consumers, particularly those in younger markets, demand a green approach from companies that they deal with.

There was a time when most blue-chip stocks and shares in the energy sector would be with oil and gas companies. So it would be the norm to see the bulk of trading on the stock exchange being with companies such as Texaco and Shell. However, all this has changed and it is now possible to maximise your investment portfolio with the help of CFDs without compromising our eco-principles. Some top performers and trading in the capital are also some of the greenest.

Here are some businesses who have placed sustainability at the heart of what they do.


Interest in vegetarian and vegan diets has rocketed in recent years, driven by a combination of health awareness and eco-principles. Switching to an all-plant diet is one of the best things anyone can do to reduce their environmental footprint, a fact that’s increasingly being recognised.

Allplants is a London company which is made up of chefs and “savvy foodies” who are all committed to the principles of a plant-based diet. They provide dishes which are fuss-free and delicious and are all cooked by hand. As you’d expect, the ingredients are 100% plant-based.

They are delivered to customers frozen, so there’s less chance of food wastage and the transport used is carbon-neutral. Even the packaging is totally recyclable.

Just to add weight to their green credentials, Allplants hold B-corp status. This recognises their eco-efforts and legally obliges them to ensure sustainability is at the heart of what they do.

Green Tomato Cars

Travel, especially in cars, is often viewed as the enemy of green living. However, Green Tomato Cars prove that it’s possible to get around without destroying the planet in the process.

Like many of the best eco-friendly businesses, sustainability was built into their very core. Green Tomato offers a taxi service around London, but rather than the gas-guzzling black taxis, they use a zero-emission fleet instead.

Their vehicles are a combination of Toyota Prius and Toyota Mirai, which carry out around 10,000 journeys weekly. Green Tomato is also committed to the carbon offsetting scheme, planting new trees in the city.

Library of Things

One of the criticisms of the modern world is the throw-away culture, with a society which has seemingly forgotten how to lend, borrow and recycle items. Based in South London, the Library of Things is seeking to change all of that by enabling people to borrow whatever they need, rather than increase demand for single-use products.

Using a self-serve kiosk, members can borrow a wide range of available items such as drills, sewing machines and sound systems. Hailed as a sustainability superstar, this business is helping to reduce “wasteful consumerism” in a proactive way.

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