Google Launches New Gambling App

Today, it is hard to imagine living without apps on your smartphone or tablet. After all, with just a tap of your finger, you can instantly get to wherever you want to go. There’s an app for almost everything, with the emphasis on “almost everything”. Players around the world have noticed that there are no apps to replace online pokies sites for mobile players. This could now change. Google has announced that it will open its Play Store to gambling apps, casino, and bookmaker apps.

Where does Google Play allow gambling apps? 

For a while, this feature has only been permitted in countries like Brazil, Ireland, France and Great Britain. There is good news for many fans of online gambling — currently, Play Store allows gambling apps in a total of 32 countries. Casinos will thus be allowed to offer their smartphone casinos as an app in the Google Play Store. The fun of playing real money casinos can thus become even more straightforward. Without using the browser, casino players can then go to the online casino if an app is available.

Now, many users are surely wondering why Google has taken this far-reaching step. Well, the reasons for this are basically obvious. First, Google, of course, wants to offer safe apps for Android users. Until now, it has only been possible for many users to download such apps from third-party sites. This poses risks. But also, the fact that more development is needed through this opening move is an important argument for Google to open up the market. Google sees not only significant security aspects in this but also further development of the previous gambling apps.

Guidelines for the Google Play Store

Real-money online casinos all around the world now get the chance to launch their own apps. There will be different guidelines regarding gambling apps from country to country in order to also comply with the respective legislation and protect players.

For example, app providers must go through an application process with Google before their app is included in the Play Store. Here, Google has set things like apps only being allowed for adults. Because gambling is prohibited worldwide for minors, and Google, of course, wants to ensure player and youth protection. In addition, gambling providers must also show a valid gambling licence in order to be allowed to launch the app on the market. This aspect also ensures security for casino players.  

Google’s policy also states that apps must not require payment when downloaded and the Play Store payment system must also not be used by providers. So-called “in-app purchases” via the Google account will, therefore, not exist in the casinos. In addition to these regulations, Google’s guidelines will certainly contain other minor rules to protect players.  

Reaction of the Mobile Casino Market

Mobile gaming is growing and growing in all areas. Between 2012 and 2021 alone, global growth of 30 percent was recorded. In 2019 alone, the global gambling market generated revenues of around $150 billion. Of that, $70.3 billion went to mobile gaming. This shows that the importance of mobile gaming is becoming increasingly greater.

Many factors play a role in this growth, including demographics and the increasing use of mobile devices. Because today hardly anything works any more without a smartphone or tablet. This is also reflected in the fact that today’s share of mobile gaming accounts for 51 per cent of the entire gaming market. Mobile gaming has thus long since overtaken gaming consoles.

The market is growing and growing, and Google’s new policies are unlikely to change that. Many online casinos will certainly take advantage of their chance to be ready at launch in the Play Store as well, even if the rules there are stricter than if they offered an app via their own site. But for casino players, that’s an important factor in being completely sure the casino is secure.


With the opening of the Play Store to gambling apps, Google has certainly scored a major coup. Given the fact that more and more people worldwide are looking for gaming fun in real money online casinos, this can, of course, also pay off for Google. In addition, the market worldwide is becoming increasingly regulated, so in more and more countries, it is now completely legal to play in online casinos for real money. Google’s move is thus only a logical consequence that, in the end, will help not only Google but also casino players and players of other gambling games on the Internet.

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