Going On Holiday With Your Elderly Family Members: 3 Tips

Going on holiday is a great way to destress and recharge your batteries. Many people choose to go on holiday as a big family, so that you can all relax together. This means jetting off with the young ones in your family and any elderly family members who want to come along. Some elderly family members may have medical conditions or may have mobility issues, which may require a little more preparation for when planning your trip.

If it’s the first time, you’re going with the older family members,we’ve put together this guide to cover what you can to assist your elderly family members going on holiday to get the most out of the experience.

Health Services Could Be Expensive

In some countries, health services may be expensive to use, especially if you haven’t prepared by getting covered by insurance. Ensure you are aware of what medical equipment or medicines your elderly family members need. Have a conversation with them so that you can get them help when abroad, if they need it.

You may find that, abroad, healthcare might be more expensive than you might be used to. Even seemingly routine medicines, treatments, and procedures can incur eye-watering bills, far more than the average person could realistically afford to pay. If your elderly family members have any health issues, then you may need to use the services once abroad, but how can you avoid the financial implications?

The answer is to get travel insurance from a provider like Staysure, who offer insurance for people travelling with pre-existing medical conditions. This helps you minimise any potential costs when you are out there.

Keep Accessibility In Mind

Your elderly family members might be limited where they go or what they do. In such cases, you should check if the hotel you are booking has ramps or any other kinds of accessibility features. In some cases, especially much older establishments, they may not have retrofitted such features or perhaps the lifts aren’t working. Its good to find out ahead out of time, to prevent such a situation.

Ensure They Have Packed Everything They Need

You should know what medicine needs to be packed for your elders. They should know, but having a list is always good, just as a backup. You will need to ensure they have packed their medicine, or that you know where it is. It would be best if you also did your research with the airport you’re travelling to and from, so you’re aware of how the medicine should be packed and presented.

Airlines can be extremely strict about what they allow passengers to bring in their luggage, with limits on liquids and other things strictly enforced. Your best bet is to speak to your airline company ahead of time and confirm what their particular rules are. You may be given an exemption for bringing medical supplies, but this is something that must be arranged and authorised ahead of time.


If planned right, you and your elderly family members can go away on holiday and have a great time. You just need to take a few extra details into consideration to ensure you can help manage their condition and stay safe while abroad. Get insurance to cover any medical expenses, keep accessibility in mind, and speak to your airline to ensure you won’t have any problem taking your elderly family members’ medication on the flight

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