Five tips for navigating a first date alcohol free

More and more people are going sober these days, for a variety of reasons, usually revolving around health.

Addiction levels are soaring at present, with more people in alcohol rehab than ever before, and when they enter recovery, navigating life can not only be much healthier, but also pose its potential challenges. Dating is certainly one of those challenges, for a variety of reasons.

Dating sober can be complex, but only if you make it that way. There are ways to navigate a first date alcohol free, but in a world where bars and restaurants are often the go-to for dates, temptation can be difficult to cope with. So, what are your options?

Choose the Right Venue

Firstly, for any first date you need to get the venue right. An alcohol-free setting is crucial, or at the very least an option where alcohol isn’t the main focus. Coffee shops, juice bars or going out for a walk can be good options, while museums or local events can also be ideal.

Alternatively, if you are going to a restaurant, you could find somewhere with a BYOB policy, meaning no alcohol will be available for purchase.

Communicate Your Sobriety

Ultimately, the best option is to clearly communicate your sobriety. Whether that be as a result of addiction or that you are abstaining from booze for any other reason. Sharing those reasons will ensure your date is more understanding of the reason or, if they aren’t, you’ll establish pretty quickly they aren’t the right person for you.

This can help get the date off on a positive footing and ensure there is no worry your end on being placed in an uncomfortable position.

Focus on Genuine Conversation

Actually, by enjoying a sober first date, you can engage in genuine conversation that isn’t influenced by alcohol. It provides a chance to offer more thoughtful questions and be more active in how you listen. This can establish a much more meaningful connection and create an overall more enjoyable dating experience.

Explore Alternative Activities

By ditching alcohol, as well as more traditional dating activities like walking or going to a coffee shop, you can do something a little different too. There are so many more unusual first date activities out there to enjoy, from ice skating to going to a dance class or enjoying a cooking workshop. Think a little more outside the box and take a real adventure!

Stay True to Yourself

Finally, stay true to yourself. Often in dating, whether we’re sober or not, compromising who we are to try and impress someone is an easy trap to fall into. However, embrace who you are and being sober is a part of your character. By being honest about your preferences and values you’ll be able to establish a deeper connection with your date, showcase you as you and lay the foundations for any future dates too, which is only going to get your relationship off to the best possible start.

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