Five 2019 Interior Trends to Follow if You’re Giving Your Home a Revamp this Spring

Spring is traditionally a time for shaking off the gloom of winter and sprucing up your home. If you are looking to give your home a facelift this spring, here are five 2019 interior trends to consider before you set to work:


According to those in the know, the biggest interior design trend of 2019 is terrazzo. Originating in Italy more than 500 years ago, terrazzo is a composite material of marble chippings set into cement. It was created as way of reusing the scraps of marble no-one wanted. The ingenious material made a comeback last year and has never been more popular. Thanks to a modern rebranding, we are seeing terrazzo returning into homes in the multitude of ways, from coffee tables and tiled floors to motifs of wallpaper and carpets.

A Return to Nature

It’s reassuring to see that ‘natural’ furnishings have emerged as a major 2019 interior trend, suggesting that a concern for the environment is top of the agenda for many homeowners today. A lot of décor is now being made with little or no impact on the planet and its resources, with wood, clay, straw and rattan all being used liberally this year in furnishings in properties worldwide, from pied-à-terre apartments in New York to luxury Monaco homes.


Continuing with the ‘environmental’ theme, another design trend for this new year is green, both as a colour and as an ethos. According to design experts, the colour green is calming, sophisticated and thought-provoking and sits very well in this age of concern for our planet. Green paint on our walls and green fabrics on our furnishings make the perfect backdrop to the natural furnishings cited above. And with so many different and exciting shades of green – from pale mint green to a more somber juniper green – the choice for both paint and furnishings are huge.

Multi-functional spaces

Reflecting society’s ‘less is more’ attitude, which has emerged in line with a concern for the planet and a re-evaluation of what is important in the 21st century, experts have predicted a trend for the use of more multi-functional spaces. This is particularly relevant for property in locations such as Monaco, where space is such a premium. Popular ways to make the most of every square metre include turning the office into a guest bedroom with a smart sofa-bed and investigating functional yet funky storage.


The 2019 interior trends are not all about frugality and austerity, however. Luxury materials such as brass and marble are making an appearance, with velvet – which has previously been thought of as a little old-fashioned and dated – also on the return.

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