Finding More to Do Off the Beaten Path

There’s no reason to feel like a tourist in your own backyard, and you’ve been to the Royal Albert Hall or the V&A for this and that, so rather than simply try for the off-hours and not be mingling with the crowds, try a hand at seeing your own neighbourhoods in a new light.

Wining and dining are excellent in this part of the city, and it’s not just tiny pubs in Shepherd’s Bush, but also full-on distilleries. Not content with just producing fine gin, you can go into Sipsmith’s to try a sample and learn plenty on the process of spirit making. And if you really want to change it up and meet some fun and wild new people and luxury models, then a luxury escort London experience might be right up your alley.

Portobello Road is a must-visit for the shopping-minded, as it sticks out like a welcome sore thumb in Notting Hill. Nothing against the neighbourhood, of course, but the quirks and oddities of these stalls are a refreshing change from the high-end boutiques. And there’s no need to sit down for a good meal as you’ll find plenty of food stands offering mouth-watering treats that are designed to be wolfed down standing up.

If the outdoors are calling forget Hyde Park, Richmond Park is where the real action is. That’s no exaggeration as it’s the largest London royal park and even recognized by the international community for its importance in wildlife conservation in an urban setting: deer, bats and stag beetles are among the more interesting fauna you can stumble across, but the only thing you’ll be able to hunt for is your golf ball when you shank it because there’s a full nine-hole course near Chohole gate.

Kew Gardens is the other open green space, and true to its name, it has a bit more ordered beauty to it, with lovely glasshouses and Pagodas for you to explore, as well research faculties that you can visit and see what biologists are doing in the field of botanical research.

Finally, if you want to go international while still remaining firmly in west London, Little Venice is the perfect English take on the canals of the famed Italian city. While you can split hairs and argue if ‘north of Paddington’ is west enough for you, one cannot deny the charm and beauty of these man-made tributaries with lovely houseboats. While some of these are certainly ‘houses’ for their residents, others are tiny cafes, and yes, you can certainly rent a boat or hire a guide to have a wonderful tour. There are plenty of small theatres along the canal, some of which are barges that sail along as the show goes on.

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