Environmentally friendly and stylish – the future of British design

There can be no denying it: the age of guilt-free decadence is over. The eighties were an exciting decade, full of invention and reinvention, pushing boundaries and never accepting mediocrity. But this juvenile stage in our species’ development could only be a phase, and the unbridled excitement of that decade was forced to give way to the compromise with responsibility that heralded the start of the nineties.

No longer could we continue to overlook spiralling population growth and widespread famine as it was brought directly into our living rooms via satellite television. The impact of the internet throughout the first decade of the 21st century further sharpened our social conscience and now in 2015, we find ourselves in the position where there is simply no excuse for the shameless pursuit of disposable excess, especially when the planet is the one footing the bill.

And this really isn’t a bad thing—after all, ignorance may be bliss but it’s no way to manage a planet’s resources. So now we find ourselves in the position where fashion and design have to be both stylish and sustainable—something that could be considered a tricky brief.

But fear not! A host of businesses have picked up this baton and are proudly running with it, and none more so than those within the home design field. Furniture made with recycled material is now taking centre stage—a trend that makes total sense considering that fashion is simply an extension of one’s personality, externally displayed for all to see. Companies like Reviive now offer both furniture that has been bought in poor condition, fixed up and then re-sold, whilst others have carved out a niche for themselves by stocking tables, chairs and cabinets made from reclaimed hardwood—a change in dynamic that both reduces cost to the consumer as well as reducing the damaging effect that modern-day logging practices have on our planet.

Similarly, we have a choice with regards to the way that we choose to power our homes—after all, if the furniture within our homes is an extension of our personality, shouldn’t our priorities with regards how we come to stay warm or cool also be reflected? As a result, there are now companies that offer a wide range of services that are guaranteed to keep your home looking great, while maintaining your desired temperature and all without harming the environment or your wallet.

One such company, Verismart Heating, will allow you to choose the most suitable and efficient solution for each room in your house—all you need to do is input each room’s dimensions and insulation levels, and they instantly provide the best fit for your requirements. All of their radiators are powered electrically (meaning old or inefficient boilers will no longer impact your heating bills) and with easily-controlled thermostats operating aluminium and ceramic units, these products are as efficient as you could wish for.

It’s a great time to go green—combining style with substance has never been so easy. And with the added bonus of saving money as well as saving the planet, looking great at home has never felt so good.

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