Don’t Get Cold Feet

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without novelty items and unwanted gifts. We’ve all experienced that moment: the beautifully wrapped gift, the big reveal, the over enthusiastic ‘Oh I love it’, followed by a quick hug so that Aunty doesn’t see your barely concealed disappointment and deceitful face. Well we should all practice our Christmas gift face now, as we can’t be sure what’s headed our way, and fast upon us is the time when a little white lie to the loved ones is required.

One such item doing the rounds this year is’s The Outback Heated Sock, that can quite comfortably keep your feet at a constant temperature of 39 degrees. Amazing, right? The question looms – how have we got to 2013 without owning a pair of our very own battery-powered heated socks?

See how far you can push people’s ‘Christmas face’ this year and spend £19.95 on a pair of these corkers, available for men and woman – it will be worth every penny. is the complete gift solutions website, with a large range of presents for all. Prices start from as little as £2.95.

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