Decisions, decisions… inspiration for a night out in the West End

If you’re heading on a night out in London’s bustling West End, the options can be overwhelming as you’re faced with an embarrassment of riches. To inspire you and be your guide, we’ve selected some of the best places on offer so that you can avoid any confusion and enjoy a fantastic, fun-filled evening.

Aviator at Hush

Aviator at Hush is a bar with an interesting theme. As the name suggests, it is related to air travel, (not so much the Concorde set of the ‘80s, though that would be novel, and in fact there is a little nod to this in the form of their Concorde Room) but rather to the golden era of flight. Think of Leonardo DiCaprio’s glamorous pilot character in Catch Me If You Can and you get the idea. Channelling the glamour of the age, Aviator at Hush goes in for classic cocktails and timeless sophistication. A great choice of bar if you’re looking for something a bit different.


It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd in Chinatown as the establishments all offer such a similar package. Opium though does manage to differentiate itself. The name alone goes a long way, with its slightly edgy quality striking a very different note to the classics (so many royal dragons and sacred palaces!) and signifying a different take on the Chinese hospitality that’s on offer here.

This is a cocktail and dim sum parlour, which is a fun way to do cocktails and an interesting way to do dim sum, re-framing them as a kind of tapas to accompany a boozy night, rather than the more traditional family friendly brunch. Keep your eyes peeled for the Wild Lady (…a cocktail, with spiced Chinese pear puree) and the crab and samphire dumplings.

The Hippodrome Casino

For that Las Vegas style casino experience in London, the Hippodrome Casino is the place to head to.  Since no membership is required it’s a far cry from the exclusive gentleman’s club type gambling experience, but that more American style is great fun and really sociable, which makes it perfect for a group. Also, this casino is open 24 hours a day – perfect for that dusk till dawn night out.

With its four floors of gaming, the Hippodrome has something for everyone, from beginners to experts. The slots of course are a great way to warm up; in fact, you could even get a head-start before you head out with an online casino on your phone.  Then there are the enduring table games such as Blackjack and Baccarat, and of course the iconic casino classic: Roulette. There’s nothing quite like watching that wheel spin, especially after a few drinks and a meaningful quantity of chips at stake!

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