Creative Student Adventures on a Budget

Sometimes, we all need a change of the picture to let our exhausted brains finally relax and think differently. One of the best ways to achieve this is to travel. It does sound good and inspiring, yet it comes up with another problem that we all know as a budget. When you are a student, your funds are usually extremely limited, which makes it impossible to even think about travelling. Luckily, you can (and should!) get creative to fit within your schedule and the funds that you have available. As long as you are ready to explore and have some fun, you will not only boost your emotional state but will enjoy many amazing things locally and beyond! 

Creative Student Adventure on a Budget 


– Educational Tours for Students. 

This type of travel experience is often ignored, yet it can provide you with many interesting ideas and help you to connect things to your studies. You can talk to your academic advisor and think about special offers that include thematic travels. You can also take a break, dine at a cozy place, and even take some homework notes. Now, if you cannot travel because of school assignments, consider WritingUniverse as a great solution that you can access basically anywhere. This way, you can achieve success and travel as you learn! 


– Group Travelling and Student Discounts. 

Now, if you travel as a group, you can enjoy special student discounts, especially if the talk goes about doing so during an academic period. Sometimes you may even visit the Netherlands, Germany or France, among other lands, if you travel as a group. The only downside of such travelling is that you are mostly limited to an already existing schedule and have to arrange your homework deadlines. The good side though is that you will have fellow students and friends, so you can discuss things and talk with each other by sharing resources and funds. 


– London School Trip Ideas. 

Now, London is the place where you can consider great and affordable school trip ideas. If you are a younger learner or belong to the local scout branch, you can even get certain routes free of charge. Now, if you belong to college students and have exchange learners enrolled in your course, you can serve as an assistant or volunteer. It will not only help you to have a nice day out but will make it possible to earn some funds and make new friends. 


– Fieldwork and Travelling. 

If you are a creative student on a budget, think about doing some exploration by combining fieldwork and travelling. For example, if you are a fashion student, think about taking a photography class that your university can fund. If you plan to become an educator, think about taking notes and starting a fieldwork project. Alternatively, think about earning a scholarship or starting something unique as a campaign. This way, you can promote your ideas and unite with other people to preserve environmental heritage or bring up social issues. It will help you to do fieldwork and have a first-hand sample group for specific research projects. 


– Freelance Guide Assistance. 

Now, you can work as a freelance guide for exchange students and foreigners who plan to visit London or any other British location. This way, they can hire you as a native speaker or someone who speaks more than one language. It will help you to save funds on booking and transportation costs! It can help you see some locations that you might have never seen yourself. If you are up for a travel adventure where you can show your skills and earn, think about making a nice presentation and promoting your amazing services! The key is to keep things inspiring! 


Becoming a Travel Blogger 

If you are good with social media and know how to entertain and inspire people, you can think about becoming a travel blogger. There are many sub-divisions to consider, like food blogging or history explorations. If you are a native British person, you should remember many interesting things that will be interesting for foreigners. It basically means that you can show our amazing heritage and talk about cultural and social aspects. This way, you can travel based on donations and create a global community. Let’s not forget that you are also travelling as you show all the historical objects, talk about local restaurants, or just talk to people to find out their opinion! If you are a creative person, think about it! 



Ruby Butz loves to travel as she explores anything from social life to academic life and overcoming campus challenges. As an educator and entertainer, Ruby loves to write and share. Follow Ruby to find out new things and keep your life and times of leisure fun. 

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