Create a Colourful Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to add colour. Many homeowners stay neutral with other rooms in the house, yet they embrace splashes of bright colour when it comes to their kitchen space. The kitchen naturally ends up with more colour than other areas of the house. A bowl of fruit, for example, can have many colours. Food, kitchen accessories, and décor often help to invite this extra colour, too. Attention to detail in the kitchen is easy; there is a ton of inspiration out there after all.

The 1970s

Vintage wallpaper prints from the 1970s easily pick up on the natural tones in the kitchen. The muted greens, oranges, and yellows enhance the bright colours of foods such as cucumbers, peaches, and bananas. You can recreate a 70s environment by adding vintage accessories, as well. These are often available on auction sites. Many suppliers have also reinstated their 1970s cookware and canister designs to make it easier to enjoy nostalgic pieces from a bygone era.

CorningWare, Tupperware, and various other brands ruled the 70s with their iconic cooking and storage items. These can still be found today, along with new designs of kitchen wallpaper reminiscent of the time. Perhaps you already have a kitchen full of your grandmothers’ dishes and simply need some wallpaper to complete the look.

Designing your Kitchen​

Many people choose wall colour before they continue with the rest of the kitchen design. Others may have specific dish or piece of furniture that acts as the inspiration for the entire room. If you’ve fallen in love with a vintage dining set, or have an old set of dishes, vintage wallpaper may be just what you are looking for. Check out vintagewallpaperformthe70s get started on the perfect decorating adventure. A subtle change can be made by adding wallpaper to one wall, the walk-in pantry, or the breakfast area. For a bolder look, cover the entire kitchen and add a coordinating back splash behind your counter tops.

Blending In

Many people that fall in love with 1970’s kitchen themes may not want to continue it throughout their home. Rooms that are near your kitchen may look out of place when you complete the transformation. You can blend your 70’s kitchen into the rest of your home with minimal effort. You can paint a wall in the adjoining room a coordinating color. Furniture items or accessories in a joining room can show a hint of the color or theme from the kitchen, while still working well with the modern look. For example, a piece of wall art can reflect the kitchen theme while also matching the colours in the room. Neutral tones can also help the transition look good.

The kitchen is a fun place to decorate. This room is usually a hub of activity, so a busy wallpaper easily adds to the purpose of the kitchen. It can be refreshing to be met with a jolt of colour and design when you head to the kitchen for your morning coffee. There are many ways to implement the iconic 1970’s into your décor. Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to bring this area to life.

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