COVID-19 Sending You West? 6 Benefits of a Wellbeing Workspace

The world of work has become a lot more autonomous, remote and flexible: co-working spaces have evolved to adapt, and start-ups are increasingly relying on a remote and distributed workforce. With the advent of COVID instigating a mass exodus from many of the major cities, co-working spaces are reviving local communities and commuter belts. One of those areas is the leafy heart of Chiswick, offering a local refuge to those feeling the burnout of working from home and ready to take the next step in their growth. Here are a few reasons why your start-up could benefit from a serviced, flexible West London workspace today.

Collaborative Culture

Co-working spaces can be a breeding ground for collaborative work and building a supportive network. You can learn from and share ideas with other companies and people that share similar values and drive. Sharing your workspace can build mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with other startups as well as more established companies to help build your network. These can be invaluable for businesses in their infancy.

Being around people with different skill sets, of different backgrounds and with different approaches and experiences can help to keep your startup healthy and your team motivated. From coffee in the morning to a private meeting space for brainstorming ideas, working in the right co-working space brings you into a thriving community.

The benefits of a local co-working space include saving on the rush hour commute while allowing a more distinct separation between work and home life. While many co-working spaces have a decidedly homely feel, even allowing pets and partners, they maintain their professionalism with a focus on productive work and space.

In the virtual space, co-working spaces house member profiles and opportunities via a private intranet. Membership managers also specialise in getting to know the faces behind the spaces and are always on hand when it comes to finding the best way to connect.

Becoming part of an active community has numerous benefits – from boosting employee health to resource pooling and skill-sharing. This enables individuals and businesses to thrive, not just survive. The creative, collaborative community offered by a co-working space, is undeniably linked to sustainability and longevity in business.

Armed With Amenities

Co-working office space means that you can benefit from a huge range of amenities that wouldn’t be available when working remotely from a cafe or home. To make life easier for your business, serviced offices can provide everything from tech-enabled board rooms, soundproof rooms for confidentiality and podcast rooms to gyms and cafes. Having these helps to bring your team together and improves their wellbeing as well as providing the vital facilities to ensure the smooth running of your business.

Even the more basic amenities can be crucial to your startup. A reliable internet connection, a private place to make a confidential call, desks that are comfortable to work at or a communal area for networking are all benefits you don’t want to scrimp on. All of these can be invaluable at the early stages of your business and for building your reputation.

Technological Talent

Co-working spaces are central hubs for creatives from all walks of life, and a variety of industries. One of the main benefits of co-working for startups includes direct access to a diverse network of talent. Whether you’re looking for your next engineer, marketer, programmer or founder, integrating into a like-minded community is vital to discovery.

Being part of a co-working community not only improves the hiring process but can also help current employees up-skill. The advent of automation means that an integrative approach to work is becoming increasingly important. In a co-working space, cross-collaboration and industry workshops are frequently the order of the day.

You’re only as strong as your team. According to an analysis of why startups fail by CBInsights, 14% of startups fail because they didn’t have the right people running the business. Attracting the right talent to your business can be the making or breaking of a startup. The best workspaces will help you bring the right people to your company and help to keep them motivated.

Optimising Overheads

Co-working spaces make economic sense, ensuring you get more for less. They’re perfectly suited to start-ups who may not be able to afford private office space, with traditionally long leases. Flexible workspace arrangements mean you only pay for what you use, allowing your office to expand and contract as you do.

As well as being heavy in bureaucracy, traditional office spaces require expensive long-term furnishing. A benefit of co-working spaces is that they come with everything your start-up needs. From fully furnished office spaces to an in-house concierge, and the latest in workplace technology.

Whether you need a few desks with occasional access to a meeting room or you need to cater for a larger team, your office needs can be designed for your business to allow you to adapt to your workplace as you grow.

Curated Culture

Find a brand that aligns with yours and use the workspace as a tool to build your office culture. Gone are the days of soulless offices with grey booths, uncomfortable chairs and even more uncomfortable colleagues! Through coworking spaces you can choose a workspace that is right for your business, has the required ambience and allows you to build a culture conducive to your startup’s success.

In order for co-working spaces to survive, they rely on delivering customer excellence. This means that they are designed with employee wellbeing in mind from start to finish. When employees feel better, they work better, producing better results for your bottom line.

Co-working spaces such as X+Why pay attention to the details. This means ensuring that spaces are filled with natural light, providing access to green spaces and fitness facilities, or dedicated quiet areas for a more focused refuge. You may also find extras such as nap mods, meditation cushions and ergonomic workspace layouts.

Workplace wellbeing caters to both personal and professional aspects of employees’ lives. Previous classes hosted at X+Why have included terrarium workshops, yoga, special interest seminars and after-work drinks events. Having something to look forward to at the end of a long day is a great way to unwind.

West London has long been a hub for creative entrepreneurs so there’s arguably no better place to be amongst like-minded individuals and businesses. Working in a well-designed, stylish space with all the amenities you need allows creativity and performance for you, your startup and your employees to thrive.

Greater Growth

All of the above points ultimately contribute to the triple bottom line of start-up growth; gone are the days of prioritising shareholder profit and pursuing growth for the sake of growth. The new era of capitalism places people and the planet securely alongside financial returns.

Boosting employee health through increased autonomy and flexibility with work, access to an integrated and creative community, and facilities designed with wellbeing in mind, has a direct impact on start-up outputs. This ensures your workforce stay committed and engaged – especially crucial when getting a new venture off the ground.

Co-working spaces and the sharing economy are also better for the planet. By pooling resources and ensuring that less space goes to waste, start-ups can be both more economical and sustainable. Co-working spaces such as X+Why are also BREEM certified – the gold standard in workplace sustainability performance.

West London provides a vibrant and inspiring base for your start-up and is already home to tens of thousands of well-established businesses, entrepreneurs and new and growing businesses.
As well as having great links to central London and suburban areas, West London opens up your business beyond London with easy access to the largest airport in the world, Heathrow, the M4 and national rail links to the Midlands, Wales, South West and the North West.

This provides exciting opportunities to open up your business internationally as well as nationally. Being on the doorstep of London’s West End and home to the world-famous Natural History and V&Q museums, there’s no better place to entertain your clients, your investors or your team.

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