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Casino etiquette tips: How not to stand out in London’s casinos

Anyone who lives in west London knows that it is a great place to put down roots and always has lots going on to stay busy with. Whether its shopping around Chelsea, catching the latest events in Bayswater or eating out around Mayfair, west London living never fails to deliver.

Of course, London itself is also well-known for being a casino hotspot and this is certainly true in the west of the city. Recent online trends in the casino gaming sector now mean that this is not just confined to physical casinos either. The best Revolut casinos to play at online are a good illustration of what iGaming sites offer to west London-based players and how easy they are to access.

In addition to the growing popularity of online casinos, physical casinos are still a major part of the capital’s nightlife scene. This is not a surprise when you consider the thrills, excitement and fun spending time in these gaming palaces offers. Key to having the best time at a real-life casino is knowing the best etiquette tips to avoid standing out, including:

Follow any dress codes

If you are used to playing casino games in your pyjamas from home, then you might think that you can also dress how you like when playing in London’s physical casinos. This is not true in the majority of cases, and it is key to check any dress code rules before you arrive.

Although many now will not ask for formal wear, although some exclusive establishments may still, they could still have certain guidelines in place about what is acceptable. By dressing appropriately, you not only have no issues getting into the casino itself but also avoid standing out when playing.

Switch your mobile phone off

The most popular UK mobile phones demonstrate just what these tech marvels offer and why so many people now rely on them in daily life. One real no-no when playing at casinos in London though is leaving your mobile phone switched on. If you do this and it goes off in the middle of a hand or game, it is fair to say you will not be very popular! As well as potentially going off, other players may also get distracted if you are constantly fiddling with your mobile device.

Some casinos may even ban mobile phones from being used on their premises, as they could worry players are using them to cheat. It is much better etiquette to turn it off as you go in and then turn it on when you leave. If you need to use it in the meantime, you could go to the main lobby or step outside.

Know the games you play

Knowing what you are doing before you do it is always a good idea. If you plan to eat out in the capital for example, checking out London’s best restaurants makes sense. The same is also true for casino gaming and this means it’s crucial to get to know the games you will play in advance. You do not want to turn up and start learning what the game is about as you play. This sees you at an instant disadvantage compared to other players.

In addition, people who do not know what they are doing may slow the game down for others and this can soon get frustrating. It is much better to know what you are doing before you arrive and stick to games you are familiar with.

Don’t eat and drink at tables

Lots of casinos in London now will have bars to grab drinks from and restaurants to get something to eat at. While this is fine when taking a break, you should remember to never take food or drink to the table when playing.

This is a good tip for your own play, as you will avoid the process of eating or drinking distracting you from what is happening in the game. It is also better for other players who may get distracted by you eating or drinking when playing. In addition, it avoids you dropping crumbs or spilling drinks on the gaming table!

Play it cool

If you want to blend in like a seasoned casino lover when out in London’s gaming palaces, keeping your cool is a must. If you are overly loud when playing or overly excited in a visible manner, everyone else will instantly notice you in a less than positive way.

Playing it cool also extends to dealing with any losses in the right way. The best etiquette tip here is to accept your losses and take a break from playing if they start to annoy you. Following these kinds of tips is a great way to look like a casino veteran and avoid attracting any unwanted attention.

Top London casino etiquette tips

If you live in the West London area and are thinking of trying out some of the top casinos London has to offer, you are in for a great time. The experience of playing real life casino games is not only exciting but also glamorous and full of thrills. To get the most from it though, it is key to follow the etiquette tips above to avoid standing out.

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