Can You Use Electric Scooters And Skateboards In And Around London?

Are you wondering if you can use electric scooters and skateboards in and around London? If so, then you should know the short answer is unfortunately no. This is in spite of these machines being a current craze across the country, as many are drawn to the unique combination of environmentally friendly technology and sheer fun.

Both of these have been available for many years, but they’ve been growing in popularity due to growing awareness of environmental concerns. Many different styles of models are for sale in both retail stores and on the Internet. However, technological advancements and the consumer marketplace have gotten far ahead of government regulations and laws, resulting in considerable confusion.

If you’re not sure what e-skateboards and electric scooters even are, they are simply motorised models of conventional skateboards and scooters. Some reach 30mph in speed, or more, which is more than fast enough for safety to be a consideration at all time.

At the time of writing, the use of these machines is illegal on UK roadways and pavement. This is due to them being partially powered by a battery motor. This means that the Department of Transport considers them Personal Light Electric Vehicles or PLEVs. If you do want to use them, you must do so only on private property, assuming you have the permission of the land owner.

Campaigners routinely lobby for the older rules to be overturned, especially in light of how their increased use can help the global environment with less of a carbon footprint, in comparison to larger vehicles consuming fossil fuels.

Something else you might wonder if is if you need a licence in order to use one, or even to pay taxes and insurance. Given how they are currently illegal to use on public roads, at all, across the country, you do not need to bother with any of this.

If you do get the chance to enjoy an e-scooter or e-skateboard, keep yourself safe. Even on private property, accidents and injuries can happen. Always wear a helmet at a minimum to protect your head and brain. Arm and knee pads are also very helpful in preventing serious injuries to the crucial joints of your limbs.

Once you discover for yourself how fun these motorised toys are, you are likely to fall in love with them. This will probably be for more than just entertainment purposes, however. Given the battery operation of the motors, these small vehicles produce no emissions whatsoever, meaning you can get from place to place without leaving any carbon footprint. Hopefully, you will join the ranks of those petitioning for their legality as a means of green commuting to work and other places.

If you were previously wondering if you can use electric skateboards and scooters in or around London, you now know the answer is definitively no. However, now that you’ve read this content, you also know the benefits of these machines, how to use them safely, and why people are campaigning for their allowance.

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