Can I Save Money and the Environment?

Most people don’t consider being environmentally friendly and money-savvy to go hand in hand. Generally, products that are better for the environment cost more and we’re OK with that.

However, when money is tight you might be wondering whether you can still look after the pennies and the environment. (You might also want to consider a stocks and shares ISA, which can help you to gain interest and look after your money.)

So, how can you save money and the environment?

Bring a water bottle

Whether you’re sweating it up in the gym or sweating it up on the tube, you need to stay hydrated. In fact, you should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. If you’re running late, it can be easy to forget to bring a reusable water bottle and spend a pound or two a day on bottles of water. But this is bad – both for your bank balance and for the environment. Single use plastic is one of the leading causes of ocean pollution and it’s so easily avoided. By investing in a good quality water bottle, you can fill it up on the go and feel positive that you’re looking after the fish.

Go veggie

The meat industry plays a massive part in global warming, contributing significant greenhouse gas emissions and being a key cause of deforestation. So, if you want to help the environment, why not consider reducing your meat intake or going vegetarian? There are loads of amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurants these days, and you’ll find yourself to be healthier, happier and more conscious of what you’re eating. Plus, vegetarian dishes tend to be cheaper than meat ones, so you’re helping your bank balance alongside the environment.

Avoid the car

Another reason our planet is dying is emissions from vehicles. These contribute to the steady rise in greenhouse gasses and the general pollution that we inhale daily. So, if you regularly drive to work, it might be time to consider an alternate mode of transport like the tube. Whilst the tube isn’t anywhere near as cheap as we’d like, petrol can be expensive, and many employers offer discounted travel cards for those who brave the trains. Alternatively, the bus in London only costs £1.50 and gets you where you want to go. If you’re close enough to walk to work – even better! You’ll save so much money and improve your general fitness, too.

Second-hand shop

We all love to shop, but the fashion industry also has a lot to answer for. Fast fashion sees a huge contribution to chemical landfill, and many companies have bad working conditions and don’t correctly pay their workers. So, save the environment and your money by getting your clothes second hand. West London has a great variety of charity shops that you can browse to your heart’s content, and online stores like eBay and Depop can offer some excellent bargains. So yes, you can save money and the environment – it’s easier than you might think.

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