Booking For Work Trips: Travel Sites That Let You Pay In Bitcoin

Businesses are slowly accepting Cryptocurrency, and with time, they are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment. If you are starting your new business, you could also use Cryptocurrency and pay creditors via Bitcoin. By the way, if you’ve started your own business, have you given thought to the promotional and marketing aspect? If you don’t have a team in place, why don’t you take the help of some Profitable Affiliate Programs? You can pay them and forget about the traffic, leads, and sales.

The travel industry is also using Cryptocurrency, and there are different sites that accept Bitcoin payments. In this article, we are going to discuss the travel sites that let you pay with Bitcoin.

Why Would You Use Bitcoin?

Why do we need to use Cryptocurrency (say Bitcoin)? What’s the need for this? First, we need to understand the following:

Decentralised Payments

Any payment system that is controlled and monitored from a core principle system is under some kind of risk, but if your accounts are processed using a widespread network of many computers, you are doing great. With Bitcoin, you are recording your transactions in a decentralised ledger.

Safety In Payment

If you are a business person, you would definitely be using payment via Cryptocurrency. This is because Bitcoin transactions are guarded by Blockchain technology. Blockchain Technology is such a capable technology that stops malicious elements dent in your data.

Less Cost

Suppose you $500 as a part of some payment of some hotels. If you do it using some third-party payment processing system like a Debit card or Credit card, they are going to charge around 2-3% as processing fees. But be assured with Bitcoin. If you use Bitcoin to pay for the hotel, it will cost nominal.

Fast Payment

Suppose you are paying $500 to a business in Germany; the entire payment might take 2 to 3 days to process. Do you know where the time is spent on such a payment? Because there are two currencies involved, the valuation consumes time. But this does not happen with Bitcoin. So wherever you make a payment, do it with Bitcoin, and you are going to get the benefits of quick payment processing (say a few minutes).


Wherever you are travelling? Where are you staying? How much are you spending? Would you like others to know? If not, use Bitcoin. It acts to shied all your accounts of spending.

Travel Sites That Accept Bitcoin

Are you going out for a tour of Austria this summer? Wondering which sites accept Bitcoin?

We will be providing you with a list of the best sites that go on to accept Bitcoin.

1. Cheap Air

The company boasts of cheaper flights, hotels, and car bookings. Therefore, Cheap Air should be your destination if you want to get some really good offer prices for your payment in Bitcoin.

2. Destinia

On this site, travellers can book hotels, cars, trains, airport lounges, and buses in tourist destinations in Latin America. You can pay in Bitcoin for any value, and there is no such bar to this payment.

3. Expedia

When it comes to payment in Bitcoin, Expedia is another reliable website. So be it hotel booking for any budget, you could do it using Expedia. But there is one disadvantage that you have with this website. With Expedia, you can only use it for hotel bookings only.

4. Air Baltic

If you want flight bookings and hotel bookings free of cost, you can definitely bank on Air Baltic. You don’t have to pay any money as a transaction fee. Free of transaction Fee? Yes, you have rightly heard it.

5. Surf Air

Surf Air is also one of the highly reliable sites where you can pay using Bitcoin. Here you could sign in for membership. You get some attractive prices. Therefore be it business or personal tour, rely on this site for Bitcoin payment.

Bitcoin has indeed reached the PC table of every individual. You could definitely use this to effect and leverage the benefit of Crypto payments. There are other sites that offer Bitcoin as payment. So why don’t you take advantage of these sites?

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