Birthday presents for someone who has it all

We all have that one friend or family member; the one who has everything is impossible to buy gifts for and has us agonising on the high street for hours, before copping out and buying them a tin of Quality Street. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little thought and a little ingenuity, you can find the perfect gift for their special occasion. Here are four ideas to get you thinking about how to buy a birthday present for someone who has it all.

Houseplants and Home Décor

A great route to take when thinking about presents for the impossible recipient; think about purchasing items to brighten up their home. Houseplants are a brilliant way to do this – they are relatively inexpensive, wide-ranging in size and type, and an instant way to revolutionise a space. If plants aren’t quite the special person’s thing, think a little wider to home décor options such as vases, candles and candleholders, and statement pieces. This might be tricky if you’re not sure what the recipient will like, but having some idea of their tastes can allow you to spend money on their home they might not be inclined to spend themselves – making for an excellent gift in the process.

Sweets and Treats

Consumable gifts are the gold standard for gift-giving when you aren’t quite sure what to get somebody. Buy a collection of chocolate gifts and wrap them up as part of a hamper – or if your friend is a craft beer fan, find a selection of beers they may like and wrap them together. Again, buying these gifts can present difficulties with regard to the recipient’s tastes or even allergies, but a little probing ahead of making a purchase should stand you in good stead to find the right gifts.

Experience Days

Some of the best gifts aren’t even tangible! Think outside the box, and consider buying your recipient a ticket to an experience instead of something physical. If they’re a music fan, find out if any artists they like are playing soon, and gift them a pair of tickets to the show. Maybe they like cars; you could buy them an hour on a racetrack with a luxury car of their choice. The possibilities are endless: a day in a hot air balloon, a day at the races, tours of breweries and factories, and even time spent flying an aeroplane!


Your gift also does not need to be confined to a singular object or event. As subscription services become an increasingly popular and convenient way to receive goods and services, paying for a subscription service could be a thoughtful gift to make their lives easier. Subscription gifts can range from the genuinely helpful to the absurd, or even encompass both: a year’s subscription to toilet paper can be a hilarious thing gift, but also turn out to be a thoughtful way to cut down your recipient’s weekly expenses. Of course, more conventional subscriptions exist – from music services to beer deliveries and cooking kits.

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