Belstaff Launch Regent Street Store

Top fashion brand Belstaff is one of the latest companies to expand into the world of concept stores. The company launched its new flagship store in September 2019, on none other than London’s prime Regent Street.

Here, we’ll look at the new concept store which is part of Belstaff’s huge expansion project. We’ll also take a look at the company’s decision to move from Bond Street to Regent Street.

The new flagship store

The new Belstaff flagship store has opened on 203 Regent Street, right next to the Soho district. It’s the latest step in the company’s expansion plan which has also seen it open up stores in Munich, Glasgow and Spitalfields. It has been described as a place for entertainment, discovery and shopping.

The 2077sq ft store will host a number of curated events, as well as invite guest hosts and undergo special screenings. It is planned to be a community-focused hub, with the brand partnering with its neighbours to provide unique shopping experiences. There will also be an onsite café for customers to relax and enjoy a coffee. These are just a small selection of the feature’s customers can expect when they visit the new Regent Street store.

Why did the company move to Regent Street?

Belstaff chose to expand into Regent Street due to its vibrant mixture of independent stores. The vibrant Soho atmosphere was another contributing factor. Compared to its previous home on Bond Street, Regent Street provides a lot more opportunities.
Regent Street is known to attract around 7.5 million visitors each year. The just over one-mile long street is home to around 20,000 employees and it boasts a huge variety of stores from independent boutiques to established outlets such as Harrods. When you factor in these statistics, it isn’t difficult to see why Belstaff chose it as an ideal expansion location.

Could the concept store be key to shop’s survival?

Belstaff isn’t the only major brand to expand into concept stores. As bricks and mortar stores struggle to stay open, they are having to change the way in which they operate. Concept stores are proving to be extremely popular, offering customers a totally unique experience.

If brands want to survive in today’s retail world, they’re going to need to follow in the footsteps of companies such as Belstaff. These stores do require more innovation and more focus on experience over shopping. However, if brands can conquer the challenges of the concept store, it could well help them to survive in this digital era.
The new flagship store in Regent Street is an exciting development for Belstaff. The success of the store could see more concept stores being opened throughout the country.

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