A Van Adventure through the most Authentic Landscapes of Morocco

The desert sands, aromatic cuisines created with love, and picturesque landscapes are just some of the unforgettable, breathtaking moments you can experience in Morocco, and even more so if you adventure and travel around in a van. What a journey to embrace, and if it means you aren’t tied down to a hotel but have the freedom of coming and going at your leisure how wonderful of a vacation trip would that be, right?

Well, if a vacation experiencing Morocco at every turn whether it be feeling the crisp ocean air on your face or brushing off sand from your feet in the desert is something you thought would only ever be a dream then think again. Now, with global travel easier than ever and adventurers opting for more bespoke modes of transport, a van adventure is just the memory you need to make that will last a lifetime, and what better stop than in Morocco?

The ease of the open road

If you have ever traveled around or across Europe, you will know how amazing it is to see that within just a few hours and a handful of border controls, you can find yourself in a completely different country and culture. And then to take it to the next level, the advancement of transport now allows us to cross continents in a vehicle just as easily as if we were to take a flight, why wouldn’t we take advantage of that?

Eating, drinking, and singing away to songs in a van as you make your way across Spain is one step closer to a new world, and you aren’t hindered by the oceans or impossible mountainscapes. Heading to the border to cross over to Tangier in decadent Morocco, your best and most swoon-worthy means is by ferry. And it is as easy as it sounds. You can cross the Strait of Gibraltar on one of the FRS ferries and be in Morocco before sunset, just in time to immerse yourself in the traditional and ultimately flavourful cuisines made by locals who cook with love.

Then head to a nearby hostel or B&B for the night to rest your head if you need a change of scenery from the van life for a moment and wake up refreshed and ready to explore the magical sites Morocco has to offer.

Not to miss

We could make an endless list of exceptional activities, excursions, and tourist sites to explore and visit while in Morocco but it may require a few months in the country to try them all, so we have curated a handful of the top must-see spots so you get a beautiful sense of Morocco in minimal time. Let’s see some of the popular and other less common locations and may they help you choose your top considerations based on the categories that define them. While some may not be your average go-to stop, who wants to go where everyone else has been right, be adventurous and take the road less traveled as it were.

Cities and Medinas

–          Essaouira: A calming energy that is perfect to unwind after a long day of sightseeing, this medina offers a relaxed ambiance where you can enjoy fresh catches and regional foods made at the small stores

–          Fez: Undoubtedly one of the most common stops on a Moroccan trip and for good reason. This is the ultimate spot for vibrant souks, smells of spices wafting through the air drawing you in, and handmade crafts being designed with a soothing hum above the hustle and bustle.



–          Ouirgane Valley: Berber villages are sprinkled across the Atlas Mountains with farms tending to small crops and animals, an area relatively unexplored by tourism and great when you need to get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature.



–          Dadès Valley: When you get to the top of this epic mountainside journey you will see something that looks like it comes straight out of a travel magazine. Winding zig-zag roads amber up the steep hillside and make the drive to the top of the canyons worth every drop of sweat (oh yes, did we mention it can get incredibly hot in the summer months).



–          Ouzoud Falls: Nestled in the elaborate El-Abid River gorge, these falls are breathtakingly striking and is the perfect spot to cool down, freshen up, and take a moment in the chill of the shade to ‘take it all in.’ Despite many no swimming signs the plunge pool at the bottom of the falls is still constantly dotted with locals and tourists alike taking a dip to beat the summer heat.

Final Memories

There is no mistaking the bespoke experience you will enjoy and the transformational change you will go through once you have traveled through and around Morocco, and more so in a van where you have the luxury to hop in and head out on the open (dusty) road. Make this holiday season an unforgettable Moroccan adventure.

Top Tips