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A Review of CLC World’s Travel Centre Presentation

One thing that everyone is always on the lookout for, but that is quite rare to actually come across, is superior value—a great deal. Yet, as I discovered recently when I headed to a CLC World Travel Centre to find out more about their offerings, there are still some great opportunities available that actually deliver exactly what they promise.

CLC World has built up a solid reputation, after being in business for more than 30 years and earning its place as Europe’s leading independent resort operator. Yet, despite their high standing in the timeshare industry, their offer of a free seven-night promotional holiday—in return for participating in a 90-minute presentation at one of their four UK travel centres—is sometimes met with scepticism. More than anything, this attitude is a reflection of the general mistrust people have about anything that sounds too good to be true.

But it’s my job to keep an open mind and report the truth, so I paid a visit to the CLC World Travel Centre in central London determined to see what the company had to offer, in order to write an accurate CLC World Travel Centre review.

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A Painless and Informative Process

After arriving in the well-appointed reception area of the CLC World Travel Centre on Conduit Street in Mayfair, mere minutes from both Oxford Street and Regent Street, I was warmly welcomed by a friendly CLC World representative.

Before he began the presentation, the CLC World representative clearly and unequivocally stated that—just for coming in and taking part in their presentation—I would receive a Sunscapes voucher for a 7-night promotional holiday in one of three sunny locations, such as the Costa del Sol in Spain, Orlando, Florida or Kusadasi, Turkey. He also told me that I would receive some gift vouchers as well. And, just to allay any fears I might have, the representative underlined in no uncertain terms that, whatever the outcome of our meeting, I would definitely be receiving these rewards. With that reassuringly out of the way, it was time to get to know more about CLC World.

The multimedia presentation and accompanying conversation that followed provided me with a straightforward and surprisingly pleasant explanation of CLC World’s various travel-related offerings. The interactive process involved the representative asking me questions about my particular travel interests and preferences. In turn, he answered the queries that I had for him. In this way—aided immeasurably by visuals on a state-of-the-art screen, which took me straight to the resorts and locations we were discussing—we were able to hone in on which of CLC World’s holiday properties, destinations and products would make the most sense for me and best suit my style, taste, budget and inclinations.

Manchester Sales Deck CLC

Although I had been prepared to feel some degree of pressure, the actual experience turned out to be entirely stress-free and even enjoyable. After all, who doesn’t like to spend 90 minutes or so talking about holidays and looking at images of gorgeous resorts and beautiful, sun-soaked destinations?

Once the presentation was over and all my questions had been answered satisfactorily, I politely informed the CLC World representative that I would not be taking up, at that time, any of the CLC World offerings I had just learned about. True to the assurances I had received when we first sat down, he simply thanked me for listening, participating and taking the time to find out more about CLC World and their travel options. Then, he led me back to reception and showed me how to sign up for my free 7-night holiday and receive my gift vouchers.

We shook hands and parted cordially and I walked out into the chilly London streets. I left with positive impressions of the company, its employees, products and up-front approach to sharing its offerings with potential customers. While in these modern times it certainly makes sense to be wary, my visit to a CLC World Travel Centre gave me hope that some things really are exactly what they claim to be.

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