A guide to starting a web design business in London

In this increasingly digital world, web designers are in higher demand than ever. Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors need websites as they look to succeed online. This means that skilled web designers are rarely short of work and can make money consistently during the year. Working as a web designer can be more lucrative than many people think. Of course, it’s one thing having exceptional web design skills and another turning your talent into a thriving business. Read on to find out how to start a web design business in London in 2021.

Start with a business plan

The first step to running your web design business in London is creating a strong business plan. Many people baulk at the term ‘business plan’, often envisaging a huge multipage document full of unnecessary information. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Instead, you might choose to create what’s known as a ‘Lean Plan’ which you can adapt as your business grows. Your goals and performance might change quickly over time, and a lean plan lets you adapt it accordingly.

Build your brand

Building your brand is one of the key aspects of starting a web design business in London. As you’re probably already aware, there are literally thousands of web designers in the capital, and it’s vital that you can create a unique brand that stands out from the competition. How you brand your business impacts the way your clients see you, and so it’s important to take some time to get it right. Many freelancers use their own name as their brand. However, if you envisage your business growing into a web design agency and hiring others, it might be best to choose another name.

As a web designer, you already have the skills to build your brand via your website. Using the right colours, images, logo, and voice, you can tell your potential clients who you are. Don’t be afraid to inject some personality in your site – people tend to prefer brands that have human-like qualities as it helps them to identify with them more easily.

Showcase your work

With so many skilled web designers battling for custom in London, the quality of your work is likely to be the difference between succeeding and failing. Therefore, it’s important that you’re able to showcase your designs online so that potential clients know what they can expect when they hire you. Take a look at the website of Creative Brand Design – a company specialising in web design London. They have a portfolio on their site which showcases their previous work brilliantly. You’re left in no doubt about the standard of their web design.

Find the perfect location

Whilst it’s true that web design only really requires a decent computer and web design software, working from home may not be the best move. Clients may take you more seriously as a web design business if you work out of an office in London. Not only will you look more professional, but it’s also likely to be more practical since some projects might require you to meet with clients and collaborate with your team members in person. Obviously, some parts of London are nicer than others, but some are likely to be too expensive for you as a start-up business. You need to strike the right balance between finding a suitable property that’s right for your team and customers and one that’s within your price range.

Promote your services

Your web design skills might be out of this world, but that means nothing if you don’t know how to promote your services. Showcasing your work online isn’t enough. You need to develop the skills needed to find potential clients and cultivate those relationships. Online platforms like Upwork can be useful for web designers starting out, however, the competition can be intense and pay can be low for newbies. A better idea is to think carefully about who your ideal clients are, what they do, and where they spend time. think about who they are, what they do, and where they spend their time. You could then hang out in the same places and try to engage them in conversation. You can then use your elevator pitch to spark interest in your web design services and persuade them to hire you.

Start networking

Don’t underestimate the importance of networking when starting a web design business in London. Professional networking can help you build a successful career as a web designer. As well as help you find new clients, it can allow you to identify chances for growth and improvement. You can benefit from referrals, collaborations, and expert advice from other professionals. You should begin building a strong network of contacts as soon as possible when launching your web design business. Take steps to build connections with people from various professions and backgrounds, including with other designers and developers. A web designer who’s well-connected will usually have many more opportunities than one who’s not well-connected.

London is a great place to start a web design business. With so many companies and organisations in need of great quality websites to promote their services online, your skills are in high demand. However, you need a plan when starting out. The more structure you have, the easier it will be to develop a successful brand and take your company in the right direction.

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