8 Tools That Help Control Your Screen Time

Several studies have proven that reducing your screen time habits can profoundly impact general health and overall well-being. Reducing your screen time can improve your sleep quality, reduce eye strain, lower the risk of obesity, and enhance mental health. Excessive screen time can increase stress levels due to constant exposure to screens and blue light, which can negatively impact the nervous system and lead to mental health issues like depression and low self-esteem. This article features eight tools to help you reduce your screen time.


Set Reminders on Video Games

Some video games have optional features that remind players to take breaks or limit their playtime. Video games like Fortnite from Epic Games have controls that allow you to limit playtime. These reminders are in-game notifications, prompts, or messages encouraging you to rest your eyes, stretch, or take a break after extended play sessions.



Gamstop is a service that allows individuals to exclude themselves from online gambling, potentially helping to reduce the amount of time spent on screens by casino players. When a player voluntarily joins Gamstop, they restrict their access to online gambling websites and applications, which can result in less time spent engaging in these activities. 

While the main goal of Gamstop is to reduce gambling spending, a positive side effect can be the reduction of screen time for those looking to manage their online behaviour. Despite the limitations imposed by Gamstop, there are other ways to control gambling time, like setting deposit limits, and using other apps to limit screen time, like those we’ll cover later. This way, you can still enjoy the wide variety of games offered by these sites, or, if you’ve already signed up for Gamstop, you can turn to the ones featured on a casinos not on GamStop list to continue enjoying slots, table games, and sports betting without restrictions. Players can enjoy betting on their favourite sports players, enjoy crash gambling games, and enjoy bonuses and exclusive promotions using non-GamStop casinos.

Screen Time

Screen Time is an iOS app that monitors the time you spend on apps and websites. It provides you with real-time reports to help you make more informed decisions about your device usage. Screen Time allows users to set limits and restrictions for themselves or their children, including scheduled downtime, app limits, and communication limits. 

It also provides features like Screen Distance, which prompts the device to move away from the face to reduce the risk of myopia in children. Screen Time can be used across all devices where the same Apple ID is signed in, allowing users to manage their device usage and consistently set limits across all devices.


Google’s Digital Wellbeing

Google’s Digital Wellbeing is a feature on Android that Google developed to help users balance their digital lives. It provides tools to help users manage their device usage, including scheduled downtime, app limits, and communication limits. It is available on Android devices and can limit when and how Google Nest or Home speakers and displays are used. 


Cold Turkey for Windows

Cold Turkey is a productivity app for Windows and macOS that helps users block distractions and stay focused on their work. The app is customizable, allowing users to create lists of websites and desktop apps to block and set a schedule for blocking. It also includes a Frozen Turkey feature that locks users out of their computer entirely, preventing any access during a set period. 


Time Boss

TimeBoss is a software program designed to help users manage their time and productivity more effectively. It allows users to block distracting websites, apps, and games, schedule blocks, use the Pomodoro technique, and set up allowances for daily usage. These features can help users reduce screen time, improve focus, and improve work-life balance. By using TimeBoss, users can take control of their digital habits and become more productive in their personal and professional lives.



Forest is a mobile app on iOS and Android that helps users reduce screen time by encouraging them to focus on their tasks. The app uses a gamification approach: Users plant a seed in the Forest app when they need to put down their phones and stay focused. As they stay focused, the seed grows into a tree. However, the tree withers if they cannot resist the temptation of using their phone and leaving the app. 

The sense of achievement from seeing a flourishing forest with each tree representing their dedication motivates users to stay focused and helps them build a good time management habit. The app offers Timer mode, Stopwatch mode, Planting Reminder, Custom Phrases, and Forest Premium Statistics to tailor the focus habits. 



Space is a tool that can help reduce screen time by providing a visual reminder to take breaks and focus on other activities. By creating a virtual forest that grows as you spend time away from your screen, Space encourages you to take regular breaks and avoid excessive screen usage. This can help improve productivity, reduce eye strain, and promote a healthier balance between screen time and other activities. Additionally, Space offers features such as time tracking, goal setting, and customizable break reminders, making it a comprehensive tool for managing screen time and improving overall digital well-being.

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