6 exciting furniture trends that are on the rise in 2020

Furniture creates a mood in a room and adds to its overall comfort. From compellingly rustic to luxuriously modern, there are styles to fit into any decorative scheme. Instrument furniture shares six exciting furniture trends that are on the rise in 2020 and promise to be around for years to come.

Dive Into a Beanbag

Sure to become a focal point in any living space, the timeless beanbag chair has a modern and fresh flair today. The minimal investment for a bean bag chair is sure to maximize the potential of your favourite rooms. Dive into the beanbag and sink into its comfort after a long day to discover why this style from yesterday has become brand new. Plus, the comfort is sure to make everyone want to try your beanbag chair.

Get Into the Earth Tones

The new neutrals are anything but boring. Instead of settling for beige or white, get into the lovely earth tones that are taking over in the furniture department. Choose furniture in hues such as olive green and chocolate brown to bring warmth into any room with a modern touch. The newest neutrals have a warm feel, so the place is inviting and welcoming rather than generic and austere.

Performance Fabrics

The material used to create household furnishings is crucial because it will be exposed to ongoing use for years to come. Performance fabrics stand up to the test of time and endure the wear and tear that goes with having people in the house. Plus, modern materials are as beautiful as they are durable to ensure they look as good as they function.

Sit on a Barstool

The familiar feel of a barstool is no longer relegated to the kitchen or dining room. From the living room to home offices, barstools are taking over the furniture trends for 2020. The height, convenience, and comfort of a barstool is irresistible and fits into almost any living or working space. Plus, a barstool can also be used in a traditional way to create a space where people gather to laugh, imbibe, and have fun.

Just Add Artwork

Functional art has become a popular way to decorate a space without going over the top. Fine art can be costly, yet everyone would like to add a special piece to display with their collection of artwork. Functional pieces are both eye-catching and affordable, making them a hot choice among the 2020 furniture trends. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of options to appeal to art enthusiasts as well as people who simply want to add colour and design to their lives.

Explore the Contrast

Instead of opting for neutrals or cool tones from yesterday, dare to go into a trend from decades ago – the combination of black and white. A neutral yet dazzling combination, black and white, is taking over the furniture trends for 2020. Imagine the clean look of a black and white kitchen or bathroom, and it’s easy to see why this trend has made a comeback. Try adding black and white furnishings to any room to give it a modern feel everyone is sure to admire.

These fabulous furniture trends for 2020 are sure to make any room more modern and welcoming. Try one or a few to update the look of your house and discover how fun it can be to include these trends in your decorating plan.

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