Four Things Every Biker Needs to Be Safe on the Road

So, you’ve got your motorbike licence and you can’t wait to get out on the open road. Here are the four top things you need to make sure you have to ensure that you are safe on your motorbike out on the road.

Motorbike Insurance

Not only is motorbike insurance a legal requirement to be able to ride your motorbike on the road, but it is also extremely important so that your motorbike is covered if anything happens to it. If the worst happens and you are in an accident, you want to know that your motorbike is covered for any damage. The same can be said for if your bike gets stolen. You also want to be covered for if you accidentally cause any damage to other people’s property with your motorbike. There are lots of motorbike insurance options out there, simply take a look at to see what is best for you.

Good Fitting Helmet

Not only do you need to have a helmet when you are on your motorbike, but you need to make sure it fits well. If you are buying your first helmet, don’t just get one online without trying it on first. Make sure you go to a shop where someone can advise you exactly on the fit. There is no point in wearing one if, when you have an accident, it isn’t going to protect your head sufficiently. Another benefit of a helmet is that you can attach a Bluetooth device to it allowing you to speak to others whilst out riding. It is also a great protector against wind and bugs when riding at speed.

Proper Riding Gear

It would be highly unsafe to ride your motorcycle in regular clothes. Not only do you need motorcycle trousers and a jacket, but you will also need motorcycle gloves. The sort of fabric and materials you choose for your clothing is very important as it is the only thing between you and the road if you were to come off your bike. Whilst it is tempting to head out in a t-shirt during the summer months, it’s better to get hot in a leather jacket than risk losing your skin in the event of an accident.

You don’t have to wear leathers; there are other fabrics that are durable and resistant to abrasions that offer good protection against injury. Trousers often have extra padding at the knee, and good motorcycle jackets offer protection and padding down the spine, on the shoulders, and on the elbows. Gloves are essential to protect your hands from the wind, the sun, the cold and from blisters. Waterproof ones are a good idea for winter.

Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots need to come up over your ankle. Not only will they protect the bones in your feet in the event of a crash, but they also protect your ankles against small stones flicking up off on the road, as well as hot exhaust pipes. You want them to have a good grip on the soles so that you are not slipping on the road when putting a foot down.

So, if you are looking to get out on a motorbike for the first time, these are the essential things to consider. Once you have all of these in place, you can get out on the open road and enjoy your time on your motorbike.

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