4 Reasons You Should Refresh Your Bathroom for a Better Lifestyle

If your bathroom is depressing you why not look deeper than the mere aesthetics of the room for your next refresh or renovation, especially if you have tried the ‘easy’ renewals, such as painting the walls, updating your towels and adding mirrors to make it look bigger. None of these will help if you have an unpleasant time while actually using the bathroom! Here are four tips that can transform your bathroom – and the way you feel about it at the same time!

Bigger Pipes

Many plumbers and bathroom manufacturers use smaller bore pipes as standard to keep costs down. Rather than these adequate 1.25-inch and 1.5-inch pipes which can sometimes cause the water to drain too slowly, or delay your bath from filling quickly, ask for 2-inch pipes and see how efficient your bathroom suddenly becomes, filling in a flash, draining equally quickly and not blocking up nearly so much – and when blockages do occur, they are much easier to clear up!

Ditch the Tub

If you only ever shower – whether for hygiene reasons or because you want to save water and time – why bother installing a bathtub? Many people do put in a tub, even though they know they prefer a shower because it is traditional and expected to have a bathtub in a bathroom. Estate agents, too, used to encourage bathrooms to be fully equipped and if you are planning on putting the house on the market, then adding a bath (even a small one) is probably desirable. But if you intend to enjoy the bathroom for years and have no need for a tub – leave it out and install a large and luxurious shower instead. Whether you like a tub or could live without one, book an appointment to consult for bathroom showrooms in Wetherby at Harrogate Bathrooms. Similarly, there are many local brands offering consultation in Leeds and other nearby areas.

Ventilate Well

There is nothing less appealing than a steamy bathroom, with damp towels and condensation running down the walls – banish these with a ventilator or extractor fan, for preference one of those that automatically clicks on and off as it senses the rising humidity in the bathroom. Choose a ventilator that can cope with the steam from your bathroom, and rather buy slightly too powerful a device than too weak, as a weak extractor fan will not be able to cope and might break down within months instead of standing the test of time.

Storage Matters

Bathrooms tend to collect odds and ends: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturising treatments, hair dye, oil treatments, soap, cosmetics and so on – there is almost no end to the bottles, tubes and tubs that will end up in your bathroom. Add to this spare toilet-rolls, towels, both in use and waiting to be used, toothbrushes, face cloths, handwash and more, and your basin or vanity edges begin to get rather crowded! Banish the lot by installing as many cunning storage solutions as you can without comprising your bathroom access.

Top Tips