Lyle Copeland and Theodora Gosden-Hood

Lyle Copeland and Theodora Gosden-Hood, founders of Indigo and Ivy Events, talk about building their successful events business, keeping calm under pressure and how to throw the ultimate party

1. What initially inspired you to create Indigo and Ivy?

We are two childhood friends, who were working in corporate PR and private events respectively, and felt that by merging our business experiences, we could bring a fresh and vibrant style to a constantly evolving events industry. With this vision in mind, it seemed the right time as two young entrepreneurs to take the leap and set-up Indigo and Ivy Events.

2. How is Indigo and Ivy different to other events companies?

The premise of Indigo and Ivy is to create original events for our clients, which dare to break the mould. By having a diverse range of corporate and private event experience, we pride ourselves on not following the crowd, be it from organising a sophisticated and chic celebratory party to devising a whacky and whimsical product launch. Whatever the event, Indigo and Ivy has been built upon providing inspiring and imaginative concepts for our clients, through a versatile and creative approach.

3. Can you tell us about one of your all-time favourite events?

We are fortunate enough to work with great clients across both the corporate and private sectors, creating so many memorable moments along the way.

With that said, as Londoners, one of our favourite projects was a Hewlett Packard product launch. We transformed a London Eye pod into a ‘liveable space’, which centred around compact living and smart technology. Having the opportunity to design and create a custom space on such an iconic venue, for a number of high profile journalists and influencers, was a special moment.

4. How do you find creative inspiration?

We are inspired by the personality and vision of our clients. There are so many elements that go into our creative process, from the themes and locations, to the catering and entertainment – they are all parts of a puzzle that stimulate our imagination and bring an event to life.

5. What event trends are you expecting to see more of in 2019?

Celebrities sharing their events on social media are without question an integral part of the trends we are seeing annually. The snapshots into their parties and homes are proving to be catalysts of inspiration for the likes of increasingly vibrant and extravagant children’s parties.

In contrast, a more natural aesthetic is being embraced when it comes to weddings and parties, from delicate miniature floral arrangements to naked cakes.

As with interior design trends, rustic colour palettes are being adopted more frequently for dining settings, which can then be lifted by pops of colour and brass tones.

Ceiling and entrance installations will undoubtedly be prominent too, from bare hanging trees adorned with lanterns, to foliage and bauble laden ceilings at Christmas.

6. How have you used social media to build your brand?

We have been conscious not to have an overwhelming social media presence, keeping in mind our clients’ privacy, but rather snapshots through Instagram of some of our creative designs.

Social media has undoubtedly become a key tool for many companies advertising and marketing strategies, and although important to us, we have also found that client recommendations and word of mouth are integral components of building our brand.

7. How do you keep calm under pressure when organising an event?

With so many aspects to an event’s design, production and management, you have to work on the basis that issues beyond your control can arise. If they do, it is vital to focus on finding the solution, not on the problem. Detailed planning, trusted suppliers and a strong team around you, will enable a party to run smoothly when it comes to those crucial moments.

8. What are your top tips for hosting an event?

No matter what the occasion, the key ingredients that go into planning the perfect event are simple:

Food – no matter how spectacular an events décor and venue are it will not matter if your guests are ravenous! A long drinks reception should always be coupled with canapés, especially at a wedding where guests may have already travelled a long way and sat through a church service.

Drinks – make sure you plan adequately per head and always have a back-up supply on sale/return.

Temperature control – freezing or boiling guests are not happy guests.

Loos – make sure you have ample toilets for the number of guests attending, you don’t want people’s enjoyment to be tainted by having to queue for half an hour.

Finally, all too often hosts get so caught up in making sure their guests are having a good time that they forget it’s their party. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!



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