Your Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial

The Exfoliating Instant Facial instantly brightens and softens skin to reveal a glowing, smoother-looking complexion. Natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids sweep away dead skin cells; plant-based cellulose beads exfoliate further, while releasing soothing vitamin B5, leaving skin supple, soft, and utterly revitalised.

It really is a facial in a jar, and providing you don’t leave it on too long, leaves you with the skin of an infant in under 2 minutes.


Diptyque Santal Candle

Who doesn’t love Diptyque? I’d light my house exclusively with their Baies, Santal and Tubereuse if I could. The perfect gift for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, congratulations, sorry-I-ran-over-your-dogs – I’ve yet to meet someone who’s not intoxicated by their blend of heady (but never cloying) scents.

Diptyque Surprise Pocket; L’Ombre dans l’Eau & Baies

Combine two iconic fragrances with the Diptyque Ombre & Baies Surprise Pocket, a set with L’Ombre Dans l’Eau shower oil and eau de toilette and a fragrant Baies candle. Not only does its festive packaging look amazing on a tree, but who doesn’t like Dyptique, and with scent, shower oil, and a candle, you get a fair amount of bang for your buck!

Hempceutix Complete

And if the stress of burnt brussels sprouts, tedious relatives, and yet another pair of socks from aunty Jill all gets too much, there’s always wonder-supplement du jour, Hempceutix Complete – cannabis extract CBD to help stress and insomnia, with none of the THC to get high. Having test-driven it for the past two weeks, I can say with some authority that it works.

Pommery Brut Royal

And if your approach to stress-reduction is slightly more old school there’s always Pommery! Their Brut Royal is crisp, light and festive; we recommend a steady intake starting on the morning of Christmas eve, and not ending a minute before midnight boxing day. Better still, give your guests enough before lunch and no one will notice the dry turkey, burnt brussels or the raw sausage meat in your pigs in blankets.

Billion Dollar Smile

For pearly whites at home, look no further than Billion Dollar Smile, much less uncomfortable than in-office treatments, and surprisingly fun to use, if you enjoy pretending to be a robot. Just 10 minutes a day takes teeth several shades lighter in under a week!


This amazing toothbrush allows children to get a great clean whilst painting, fighting monsters or making music. Playbrush is an interactive electric toothbrush that connects via Bluetooth to game apps, so children can play fun games with their toothbrush and learn the importance of dental hygiene.

The Playbrush syncs to an app which makes brushing teeth fun, children use their own toothbrushing movements to paint masterpieces, make music or defeat monsters. The app incentivises movement and encourages children to brush all around their mouth, increasing surface coverage. Children’s toothbrushing quality is recorded and assessed through each game they play.

Studies show children who use Playbrush brush their teeth for twice as long as traditional toothbrushes and are more likely to brush twice per day. I got one for my terminally lazy boyfriend (!) and can report more frequent brushing and fewer tantrums before bed.

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