Why we love Lacoste’s new L003 genderless trainer

Brand new for the season, the genderless L003 shoe is about connection; it unites comfort and style, history and modernity, athletics and image, menswear and womenswear. Lacoste L003 pays tribute to the possibility of sport whilst catering to the needs of consumers today; day-to-night dressing, commuting, travel, and self-expression. The L003 unites Lacoste’s traditional savoir-faire with something modern, unique and relevant.

The L003 speaks of Lacoste’s tireless focus on sporting excellence, offering gym-inspired details in a lifestyle product. The shoe is designed for those on the move, with a great focus on comfort, and a fit that can be shaped and tailored to the individual wearer via a unique cage-like lacing system and a flexible tongue construction.

The trainers are £100 and are available now from www.footasylum.com, www.very.co.uk and www.tower-london.com.

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