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PLOT Roasting Monthly Coffee Subscription

Spruce up your morning coffee with a monthly coffee subscription, specialising in rare and unusual coffees. From nano-lots in Yemen to Gesha coffee from Panama, ICON will take its subscribers on a journey of coffee discovery with different ethically sourced and expertly roasted coffees each month. As working from home becomes more commonplace these limited releases will be available globally and all packaging is recyclable.

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Daniel the Gardener, William Morris SERIES, from £50

Spuce up your home office with some flowery prints. The sought after botanical tattooist, known as Daniel The Gardener, is selling limited edition prints of his work, commissioned and inspired by William Morris Gallery. This watercolour series was born after a live tattooing exhibition at the WM Gallery in London, 2020. The palette and compositions pay homage to the ornate, antique aesthetic of the 19th Century. Each limited edition print was made with love on soft-textured, heavy weight Giclée paper, with the highest quality museum and archival standards. These designs are available as individual prints (£50), or as part of a bundled collection (£130.)

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The Gut Stuff, All in one Fermenting kit £45.00

Why not spend those evenings making something that will benefit your health and taste amazing? Brain child of The Mac Twins, The Gut Stuff have created this kit to provide you with the equipment you need to make all your ferments in one handy package, all you need to bring to the party are the ingredients, your kitchen utensils and the grains and scobies! The Gut Stuff fermenting kit helps you make kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, sourdough starter and much more. There are endless resources on their website to help you with your gut health, including How-To fermenting tutorials! And if you don’t have the time to ferment, they have a delicious selection of vegan and gluten-free fibre bars to keep that tummy active.

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Cerious Muscle Relief Balm, £43

To help with aches and pains: A 99% plant and mineral based skin balm bursting with soothing and warming botanicals. It boasts powerful plant extracts such as hemp, arnica montana flower extract, cork oak root extract and much more. Each bring natural inflammation fighting effects.CERIOUS includes 150 mg of high quality broad spectrum CBD extract, which also has a unique time release formulation. It contains skin-loving antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is a potent plant based formula which provides warming and calming effects for achy muscles and joints.The CERIOUS Muscle Relief Balm has a silky powder finish, mild scent and a high concentration formula. This therefore makes it practical to use day or night without the worry of feeling greasy or strong scented. A little also goes a long way.

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Aromatherapy Sleep Better Bath Salts – £15.05

Begin your bedtime routine in the bath! Wind down your evening routine before it’s time for bed with Tisserand  Delicately fragranced with the dreamy blend, these beautifully packaged and luxurious bath salts will help to prepare you for a peaceful night’s sleep. This pre-bed aid is packed with 100% natural pure essential oils to relax the mind and body, allowing users to drift off deeply night after night.

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AYUCANA 1000MG CBD OIL, £59.99

Ayucana premium quality oil uses broad spectrum CBD extract. The pharma team use a complex CO2 extraction process and nutrient rich hemp seed oil. In conclusion, this creates a potent plant-based combo packed with 500mg CBD, terpenes, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. In addition, product delivered with English translated packaging information.

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Rapha Small Reflective Travel Backpack, £110

Do you need something to tempt you to get that bike out? For those times when you need to get somewhere, turn to this classic Rapha backpack. Designed for the city, this is a compact and lightweight backpack to take you and your essentials safely from A to B. Includes high-visibility, water-resistant rain cover for the winter months, and it has a multitude of different compartments so that you can have everything you need at your finger tips.

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Neom Organics Ultimate Calm SPF 30 Moisturiser, £40

Make sure you protect your face on your daily walks! This is a nourishing, lightweight SPF moisturiser, which protects from sun damage and UVA. Packed with the most calming, effective, natural extracts, actives and ingredients along with the perfect amount of essential oils leaving your skin calm and protected. Includes pomegranate seed oil, aloe vera, shea butter, almond oil and lavender, geranium and rose essential oils. Can be applied over the Ultimate Calm Face Serum or before make up as a 3-in-1 moisturiser, SPF and primer.

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4.5.6 DAY HACK – Matte Moisturiser, £55.00

This New Year, French-born brand 4.5.6 Skin is here to change the skincare market – offering scientifically-backed customised skincare products for melanin-rich skin. Darker skin tones have differing needs to caucasian skin, and 4.5.6 not only understands, but develops, manufactures and sells clean and biodynamic formulas that help with dryness, excess sebum production, acne, hyperpigmentation, and dullness; as well as strengthening the skin barrier thus making it more resilient.

Their day cream is the ultimate hack to getting the optimal balance between matification and hydration. What’s more, you can even use it as a primer.

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