The New Generation of Intelligent Intimates

The days of British women loyally buying all of their underwear in M&S are long gone. With a wealth of choice flooding the sportswear, underwear and lingerie markets, it can be hard even for established brands to stand out from the crowd.

Well welcome to a new era, because intimates have stepped up their game. Whether its ‘moisture wicking’ fabric or ‘CBD infused’ sportswear – our selection of innovative pieces represent ‘the cutting edge’ in garment technology.

Sloggi EVER infused Apricot Brandy Playsuit, £50

In our fast-moving, online-all-the-time world, self-care is more important than ever. 53% of Gen Z women say they feel stressed some or all of the time, so it’s no wonder that nearly one in three say their mental health is their number one priority. Sloggi took that to heart when launching its Ever Infused range in AW23, infused with soothing aloe vera and seasonal specialty CBD. And for SS24, the brand designed new limited-edition seasonal styles in colourways Apricot Brandy and Violet, which contain zingy multivitamins. So you can feel like you’ve been living on green juice and yoga, even when life doesn’t quite work out that way. These active ingredients in EVER Infused are held in capsules within the fabric itself. As you wear the piece, the capsules break down, releasing the good feels straight into your skin. And don’t worry – they don’t disintegrate all at once, so you can keep enjoying those wonder ingredients over and over.

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Monet’s Garden Strappy Bra, £34.84

Inspired by Monet’s Impressionist style, the designer has masterfully captured the essence of feminine beauty by depicting a beautiful scene of vibrant blooming daisies in a meadow. The striking orange daisies and lively green grass create a vivid visual contrast against the purple, bringing energy and brightness and inspiring you in your daily workouts. Made with 84% RPET and 16% spandex from recycled plastic bottlesm it is 100% recyclable! The strappy bra is breathable, flexible and anti-bacterial!

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Step One Bikini Brief Paradise Green, £15.90

Introducing Step One’s Seamfree Bikini Brief Underwear: vibrant and eco-friendly underwear, designed with your comfort in mind. These briefs offer full coverage and support without compromising on style. Hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, the breathable fabric wicks away moisture, keeping you cool, dry, and confident throughout the day. The seamless waistband offers a snug, irritation-free fit, providing a secure and supportive feel. Comes in 8 different colours.

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Sloggi EVER infused Bralette Violet £30

Forget the smoothies! Get your daily dose of feel good comfort with this EVER Infused Multivitamins Bralette, made from smooth, seamless fabric woven with tiny capsules of vitamins C and E that slowly release to give a full body wellness glow.

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Sloggi EVER infused Highwaist Knicker Violet £16

Self-care starts with your underwear! These EVER Infused Multivitamin High Leg Briefs will make you feel good all day long – all thanks to the innovative fabric woven with tiny capsules of vitamins C and E for a full body wellness glow.

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