Three Ways to Wear the Little Black Dress

The LBD is a must-have for every woman’s closet. A simple, shortcut allows an everyday appealing look. From office fashion to dinner dates, switching up accessories and coats allows an ever-different and effortlessly on-trend look.

Office Chic


Pair your LBD with a brightly-coloured, short, fitted blazer. A blazer resting above the waistline allows you to accentuate curves while still looking sophisticated. Flat shoes are a new fashion favourite for office style. These Sophia Webster pointed toed butterfly flats not only look dressy but allow all-day comfort. A classic Michael Kors tote gives you a chic accessory that can be used to store your snacks, wallet and planner completely hassle-free. Back into those cold autumn mornings – conveniently starbucks cups can even be used as an accessory this season so heat up, and energise with a quick caffeine visit at starbucks on your way to work. A hat gives you added class and keeps your hair in place through the wind and rain.

Dinner Date


The crimson red matches all skin tones and subconsciously brings power and passion to any look. Contrasting bright red Anthony Vaccarello red pumps with your LBD gives a daring fiery hue. Match your lipstick with the same tone of red and a small envelope clutch bag like this Givenchy Antigona envelope clutch. Gold is a particulary complimentary colour with all hues of red. Add Vince Camuto Gold tone jewellery from crystal body chains to a four-ring stack for a feminine and elegant look. A gold eyeshadow and signature scent is perfect for a dinner date and an Aritzia Lawson trench gives a more textured effect with folded loose material, ideal for softening the otherwise close-fitting outfit.

Autumn Weekend


For a casual autumn chic look incorporate some earthy browns and classic creams into your outfit. This chunky keds cream scarf is the perfect oversized accessory that’ll keep you warm all season. Pairing frilled socks with ankle boots is the only way to wear boots this season! A block heel is the best way to stay trendy and comfortable for all your weekend adventures. This boxy brown Zara loose fit blazer is a top tailored trend and the color and thinner material compliments the pale, thick scarf. This slightly oversized bag from River Island will hold everything you need and look super fashionable. Further accessorize with this Zero Gravity phone case, the colors tie in with the overall autumn weekend look.

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