The Best Low-Alcohol and Booze Free Options Beyond Dry January

Caleño, £18 for a 50cl bottle

Caleño is a tropical alcohol-free spirit, inspired by founder Ellie’s family heartland of Colombia. Infused with juniper, citrus and spice, Caleño is just the right blend of fruity sweetness with a hint of tangy bitterness to balance the flavours perfectly. Serve with tonic over ice and feel instantly uplifted. A perfect drink for conjuring up the feeling of summer breaks in the sunshine.

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Lyres Spiced Cane Spirit, £20.95

This alcohol-free spiced cane spirit echoes the rich and warming flavours of traditional spiced rum. Mixed with Fever-Tree Cola it’s the perfect caramelly, nutty, soothingly sweet drink. We also had to triple check the label to make sure it was actually alcohol-free (it is), as it tastes just like the real thing! Delicious indeed.

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Willow CBD, £15.99

Made with a base of an apple spirit, and combined with pineapple, kaffir lime, cracked black pepper, agave, cherry tomatoes, strawberry water and CBD; this low alcohol option is distilled to 80% ABV and diluted with spring water from the Lake District to 0.5% ABV. Good served with ice and tonic. The CBD is bang on trend and has a soothing effect.

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Nine Elms No.18

4 types of berry and the botanical infusions of 20 different flowers, herbs and spices make up this intriguing drink. Nine Elms No.18 is designed to be enjoyed alongside good food. Drink it in place of wine on an AFD (alcohol-free day) to add a touch of luxury to your meal and to compliment the flavours of your cooking. The packaging is also particularly elegant, so the bottle makes a great addition to any table.

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AEcorn Aromatic Aperitif – Bitter, £19.99

From the company that bought you Seedlip the much loved non-alcoholic spirit, we now have Aecorn Aperitifs. The ‘Bitter’ variety is just that; bold and flavoursome. Designed to be served neat and chilled, or over ice with a splash of soda water. Not for the sweet-toothed among us.

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Borrago, £19.99

Borrago is named for the beautiful blue edible flower – borage and its floral connotations carry through to its taste as well. It’s designed as a base for non-alcoholic cocktails and is perfect with tonic and garnished with half an orange slice and a crushed basil leaf.

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The Three Spirit Collection, £64.97

Three Spirit drinks are designed to enhance your night from start to finish. The non-alcoholic trio combine plants used for centuries in ceremonies and potions to stimulate the palate, mind and body – before, during and after the party. Heady botanical blends and naturally stimulating and soothing ingredients make these drinks a real pleasure. You won’t miss booze one little bit.

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Ceder’s Wild Non-Alchohic Gin, £20

This convincing alt-gin is flavoured with South African botanicals and blended with the purest Swedish spring water. Beautifully presented in sleek, elegant packaging, the drink inside does not disappoint. Best served over ice with tonic water for a crisp, juniper led refreshing beverage.

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Senser Spirits Mini Collection, £14

This mini collection from Senser Spirits gives you the option to sample the range of alcohol-free offerings with less of a financial commitment than splashing out on full-size bottle before you know what you’re getting yourself in for. The Mini Collection contains a 50ml serve of each of the three varieties; Love, Power and Joy. Each is a carefully formulated blend of high-quality botanicals designed to evoke the feelings of their namesakes through the power of plants and herbs.

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Everleaf, £18

Everleaf is a non-alcoholic aperitif with a conscience. Perfectly delicious and refreshing served over ice with tonic and a slice of orange, with complex notes of Madagascan vanilla and Spanish saffron for richness, gentian and iris for wild bitterness and earthy warmth, as well as vetiver and orange blossom for freshness and vibrancy. Everleaf also uses voodoo lily and acacia to give texture and length to the experience. Aside from creating a great tasting drink, the company is also committed to sourcing their ingredients sustainably and empowering local communities.

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Lucky Saint Alcohol-Free Beer

Using Bavarian barley and conditioned for over 40 days, with the alcohol content removed after fermentation, this beer has a luxuriously creamy mouthfeel. A progressively brewed, unfiltered beer, Lucky Saint Lager is full-flavoured with floral, spicy aromas.

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Peroni Libera Alcohol-Free

Peroni Libera 0.0% delivers a crisp and refreshing taste, with a delicate fruity aroma. First brewed with Nostrano dell’ Isola maize, with a dedicated yeast strain then added without producing alcohol. This gives Peroni Libera 0.0% its signature hoppy characteristics and smooth finish.

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Strykk Not Vodka Spirit, £15.95

This alt vodka by Strykk has a pleasant, fruity undertone with notes of coriander and cucumber. It lacks some of the sharp abrasiveness of vodka and tastes almost too pleasant to be considered a true alcohol alternative, but it blends nicely with soda or apple juice and provides a good base for non-alcoholic cocktails.

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