Take charge of your New Year resolutions

Christmas is over, but it’s still (kind of) the season for giving, so why not treat yourself this time with gifts from you to you! And no we don’t mean ordering the contents of your Asos basket – these gifts to self are designed to help you make those health, fitness and wellness goals a reality in 2022.

The first step? Getting set up for success! You’ve set the resolutions, now you need to make a plan. Be it fitness, food, self-care or general lifestyle-related – how are you going to achieve it? Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite food, drink and exercise gifts that we’ll be purchasing for ourselves to help us kick start those healthy routines.

1. Drink clean this January

Like every other year, the Christmas period included a little too much bubbly and Baileys (for us, anyway) so if temporary sobriety is calling your name – or perhaps you’ve got a festive bun in the oven – CleanCo will help make alcoholic abstinence even more virtuous.

Clean G, £19

Dig out your halo and get ready to feel smug and saintly as you kick off the New Year with the tastiest Dry January drink yet courtesy of… Spencer Matthews of all people!

The TV personality’s two-year-old brand creates premium non-alcoholic spirits that come as finely crafted as your favourite liquors. Unlike some on the market, however, theirs are (genuinely) comparable to the real thing thanks to a complex distillation process that ensures all the flavour without the hangover-inducing nasties.

As keen gin drinkers and part-time connoisseurs, we particularly enjoyed the CleanG. When paired with ice, lime and a good quality tonic (you know the one we mean), its crisp botanical flavour makes it barely distinguishable from the proper stuff, even with just 0.5% ABV. Even better is the fact that these clean spirits have zero sugar, are vegan-friendly and have just 12 calories per serving. Not a fan of gin? They have vodka, rum and tequila alternatives too.

Available from www.clean.co

2. Tasty healthy meals, no effort required

Resisting takeaway temptation and finding the wherewithal to cook healthy dinners night after night can get tiresome after that first motivated week of January. But don’t beat yourself up about it – reduce the stress and turn to MunchFit. Their restaurant-quality meal kits are designed to make being healthy easier and tastier, making them our go-to saviour for staying on the nutritional straight and narrow.

Munchfit Subscription Meal Plan, from £56 per week

Vegan, keto, gluten-free, high-protein… whatever your dietary style of choice to kick off the New Year, MunchFit have you covered with different nutritionally balanced meal boxes delivered to your door. Each of their 180 recipes has been created by Michelin-trained chefs and elite nutritionists, so you can be confident each plate will be as much a treat for the taste buds as it is for your health. They use only fresh, sugar-free, gluten-free and additive-free ingredients to create calorie-controlled, nutrient-controlled meals specific to your chosen plan (e.g. fat loss, intensive training, plant-based). And they’re all low GI for sustained energy release too – just what you need to see you through those dark January days.

And if you’re sighing with indecision thinking ‘but I’d still have to prep everything’ – think again. All the ingredients are pre-chopped so only minimal effort is required on your part, and each box is super easy to organise too. You pick the meals, frequency and delivery date, and they do the rest.

Available from www.munchfit.co.uk

3. Kit out your home gym

Whether the pandemic has you boycotting the gym or you’re still loving the convenience of exercising at home, it’s time to treat yourself to some snazzy new workout equipment to help you get into the shape you deserve – all without busting that budget.

CoreBalance Kettle Bells, from £9.99

CoreBalance have a new collection of high-quality kettlebells from 2-12kg designed to help you target different muscle groups and develop your strength, power and cardio fitness from the comfort of home. Their neoprene hex dumbbells, too, are a great addition to your living room gym, with options ranging from the beginner-friendly 0.5kg to a mightier 10kg. The hexagon design means you’re able to include challenging combo exercises – like renegade rows, for example – that require your dumbbells to have a flat edge for support.

If you’re still working up to weight training, or prefer other forms of fitness, head to their online store – they have a wide selection of products for all types of workouts. Think resistance bands, ankle weights, yoga blocks, stability balls, weighted hula hoops, mats and more.

The entire range is available from www.corebalancefitness.co.uk

4. Train your troubles away

There aren’t many places in the UK without an F45 studio these days, and if you’ve ever walked past the doors when people are coming out of a class, you’ll likely have noticed the endorphin-led grins of sweaty satisfaction on their faces. Yes, we’ll admit it’s annoying to see when you’ve been sitting on the sofa all day, but trust us when we say it’s an intoxicatingly good feeling when it’s you! And thanks to your commitment to your 2022 resolutions – that WILL be you very soon.


F45 Chelsea, 2-week trials from £49, 10 classes for £200, 3-month pass £395

F45’s quick but efficient 45-minute (did the studio name give you a hint?) group classes are the perfect way to fit a solid full-body workout into a busy schedule. And some studios have taken their training online too, meaning you can do at-home workouts guided by a trained, experienced instructor to keep you accountable and ensure you’re exercising safely. Take a look at their website to find your nearest F45 and check out their different membership options. Remember, the hardest part is starting, so cross that bridge now and you’ll be set up for a positive and motivated month of movement.

Book through www.f45training.co.uk

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