Take 3: Matcha green teas

I’m not a fan of green tea; it looks, tastes and smells in my opinion like pond water, which is definitely an acquired taste. I force myself to drink the occasional cup every so often so that I feel healthy for an hour or so.

With that said, there are plenty of brands on the marketplace, so it’s difficult to know which ones are the best if you are going to have to endure drinking it.




One packet claims to contain 10 cups of green tea (so I can drink one every 10 days right?). Drunk cold, it’s better than most as there’s no need to worry about the gritty texture that usually haunts these types of drinks.; £15 for 10 packets


Alkalising Greens by The Super Elixir

Balancing your body’s pH is never something that crossed our minds before Elle Macpherson discovered that doing so could change our lives. On my quest to look like Elle Macpherson, I was desperate to try. With a lemony taste and slightly more powdery texture than I’d like, I’m not sure it’s worth the £96.; £96 for 300g


Vitalife Matcha Green Tea

Actually tastes not bad, a great release of energy and makes you look and feel healthy. An effective green tea that is slightly expensive, especially in a saturated market of slightly cheaper matcha powders. Definitely worth a try though!; £9.99 for 30g

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