Take 3: Homewares

black + blum Food Flask

No matter what the occasion, the Food Flask from black + blum makes the perfect lunch companion. Brilliantly compact whether it’s for homemade soup, casserole or vegetable stew, the vacuum insulation keeps the contents hot for six hours and cold for up to eight hours. The quirky little food pod comes with a ladle spoon and twist-top lid for convenient, natural, fresh meals all at the temperature of your choice!

Save money on buying lunch out and help the planet by reducing packaging—the Food Flask is available to buy online from Box Appetit for £29.95.


Geo Glasses

Pushing the boundaries of barware, oozing chicness and sophistication, Root 7 present their all-new Geo Glass—sure to put you in a spin.

Providing a whole new angle on life, it was about time the humble drinks tumbler got a new look and Root 7 have certainly succeeded. Notice the clear cut edges, defined by the striking lines, which help to accentuate the gorgeous shape of this tumbler available in either metallic gold or jet black.

Inspired by terrarium trend, the thick hand blown glass provides a weighty and sturdy feel, ideal for your favourite spirit or cocktail, and if you’re not drinking from it then why not make it your latest home accessory? It’s stackable plus could make the perfect planter, or the perfect gift for someone you have in mind this Christmas. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate the style of these geometric glasses, ideal for a winter tipple in the evening.

The Geo Glass is available to buy in pack of two online from Root 7, Black £24.00, Gold £28.00.


Zerowater Filter

Zerowater makes water super clean. It removes all dissolved solids in water, from chemicals to iron, lead and more, to make pure water. The UK’s leading brand Britta on average removes only one third to 50% of the solids compared to ZeroWater. Developed as a pour-through system, with an aim to deliver the best filtration possible with their premium five-stage ion exchange technology, this filter removes virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS).

It’s so good you could put a bottle of red wine in it and only clear water would come out—although that would be a grave waste of wine and is not condoned by West London Living.

The ZeroWater 12 cup ready pour costs £39.99 from Zerowater.co.uk, smaller jugs start from £24.99.

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