Hidden gems from local indie authors

The Last Lesbian Bar in the Midlands by Cleo Henry, £6.99

This debut book from London based author, Cleo Henry was described by Joelle Taylor as ‘An arresting cinema of a book. Vivid, playful and adventurous, The Last Lesbian Bar in the Midlands is a moment, an idea, and a sense of future that binds us to the best of each other.’ Brilliant.

Available from www.fourteenpoems.com

Colourful Dose of Optimism by Jules Standish, £10.99

If we could write ourselves a prescription today, would it be for instant happiness and joy, optimism and hope? In the current climate of anxiety and uncertainty, let’s take control of the things that we can change in a positive way. A Colourful Dose of Optimism shows you how to turn challenges into opportunities, whether dressing to work from home via Zoom, to win the job of your dreams, help deal with loss, looking to boost self-confidence or know how to work with colour to change the mood through your home. An incredible treat the ultimate colourful guide for you and your home – I promise you may never look or ‘feel’ about colour in quite the same way again. ~ Wendy Elsmore – Director at the London College of Style (Foreword of the book)

Available from www.johnhuntpublishing.com

The Wastelands Saga: Book One – The Battle of Gildora, £12.99

The Wastelands Saga is a fantasy series that explores gender identity, gender politics and LGBTQIA+ issues through the lens of battle, adventure and power struggles. Society has been split between the genders. The women, or MuQin, occupy the west of the island and the men, or Astenites, occupy the east. The discovery of “The Elixir” – a potion which replicates man’s seed and, in the eyes of the MuQin, renders men obsolete – has left the Island of Uchukawn locked in an eon-long battle for supremacy, long after the oceans have reclaimed the land. In this constant war, no sign of a victor has ever been apparent… until now.

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Creating Real Happiness A to Z: A Mindful Guide to Discovering, Loving, and Accepting Your True Self by Stephani Grace, £6.99

Creating Real Happiness A to Z will help you to cultivate awareness and presence so you can finally understand the truth that no matter your circumstances or conditioning, you are enough. Inspired by working with clients in her thriving counselling practice, Stephani Grace has assembled key spiritual ideas and mindfulness practices that have proven to create lasting change. Wherever you are on your journey to self-love, this book and its simple, bite-sized A to Z format is designed to make it easy for you to discover real happiness and deepen your relationship with your true self. The practices in this book will help you: Accept and love yourself as you are; Develop a healthy relationship with your body; Find the right partner; Feel empowered to change your life; Find real peace in a chaotic world.

Available from www.johnhuntpublishing.com

Soulphoria: A Provocative and Practical Approach to Spirituality by Alessandra Sagredo, £11.99

Women everywhere are exploring their spirituality and having exciting, unfettered, euphoric experiences. Soulphoria is a mystical state of bliss that requires you to open the channels of your mind, body, and soul. Each forms a bridge for the energy of your spirit to fly forth like a phoenix and burn brightly in the present moment. It’s a heat that sears through you yet doesn’t burn, and instead fuels your love of life.

Available from www.johnhuntpublishing.com

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