Spruce up Your Home & Wardrobe With These Colourful Finds

Mpira Upcycled Denim Jackets, £125

The newly opened Mpira in Richmond sells luxurious, well-designed pieces of clothing and homeware from upcycled and recycled waste from five grassroots Kenyan organisations, providing jobs to local communities while preventing refuse from going into landfill. We love their Shake the Tree jackets. A team of Kenyan women scout for denim and khaki cotton jackets and shirts, which they wash, dry in the sun and iron, and then add beautiful cotton fabrics to the waistbands, the cuffs and the collars.

Available from www.mpira.co.uk

Padded Pawpaw 100% Cotton Blanket – Meadow, from £89

We’re just mad for these gorgeous blankets from Padded PawPaw, which are designed with 5 layers of 100% breathable and softly woven cotton. They have a range of beautiful, bold designs, which are completely reversible. Flip them over to showcase the design in a new, complementing colour.

Available from www.paddedpawpaw.com

Sass & Belle Sunrise Mojave Glaze Mug, £10

Nothing says self-love like the perfect mug of tea. We love the stunning Sass & Belle Mojave Stoneware Ombre Mug. This mug is crafted from high-quality stoneware and features an ombre design created using a reactive glaze technique. The sunrise colourway gives the illusions of a warm sunset and a cosy night in all in one.

Available from www.sassandbelle.co.uk

godi. Bifold Wallet in Ice Cube, £79

godi. is your home for minimalist, handcrafted leather goods. Based in East London, each piece is handcrafted with key attention to detail, drawing inspiration from positive psychology and designed to evoke a sense of calm and sensibility. Modern and minimalist, this unlined bifold wallet is designed for everyday use. It carries all the essentials, including card sleeves for up to 6 cards, plus a cash pocket for your bills. Its slim design allows for easy carrying and provides a stylish look for everyday wear. It is unlined, with exposed edging so you can really feel and see the softness of the luxury full-grain leather that godi. uses.

Available from www.godi.uk

ånd Fragrance Candles, £55

Breaking boundaries with every bottle – ånd fragrance was born from the idea that smelling good and doing good can – and should – go hand in hand. Proudly partnering with the local, indigenous communities and cooperatives who grow and produce them. Inspired by the old Norse word meaning ’Spirit’ and ‘Breathe’, ånd was born with the mission to unstink the world, one powerful scent at a time. From sourcing Sandalwood from Aboriginal-owned trees to using Vanilla direct from agroforestry projects in Madagascar, each fragrance is an ode to the bounty of Mother Earth, crafted with only the finest, most ethical ingredients, while also highlighting – and actively helping – a different social cause. Entirely hand-made, cruelty-free and vegan, and feature bottle caps made from repurposed problem waste plastic to minimise their footprint.

Available from www.andfragrance.com

SMUG Satin Sleep Mask – Candy Shop Print, £15

Go to bed with satisfaction and sleep soundly with this satin sleep mask. Feel the softness against your skin, invite the sleepiness in and let the sweet dreams flow. The lightweight, sleep-inducing mask allows your pores to breathe, keeping your skin radiant, reducing any irritation or redness around your eyes and increasing firmness (ie. fewer wrinkles!) Satin naturally hydrates the skin while you sleep, reducing the look of dark circles and contributing to anti-ageing. You’ll be looking younger each and every day! A better night’s sleep leads to a happier, healthier you.

Available from www.sleepsmug.com

Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask – Flamingo Print, £15

The same as above but for those who rather a contoured experience! This unique dome design leaves just the right amount of space around the eye area, removing any potential for disturbance or friction caused by rapid eye movement, making them completely eyelash friendly!

Available from www.sleepsmug.com

Nomad Planter With Wire Stand, £23

It’s been proved that having greenery around you can improve your mental health, so why not spruce up your indoor botanical displays with this nomad planter from Sass & Belle. It features a monochrome print and is complete with a minimal black stand made from wire. Characterised by natural texture and organic shapes with tribal influences and global inspiration from across the continents.

Available from www.sassandbelle.co.uk

godi. Laptop Sleeves, £59

This slim and sleek laptop and tablet sleeve is designed to protect your device from scratches and everyday wear and tear. Featuring a lightweight and minimalistic design, this sleeve is the perfect way to keep your laptop or tablet safe on the go.

Available from www.godi.uk

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