Spring Beauty

Nothing says spring-clean like a bit of pampering, and nothing says pampering like treating yourself to some new products. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and tried out these fabulous few..

Hylamide by Deciem, SubQ Skin, £18

Now, we’ve all heard of the Ordinary, but have you heard of Hylamide, Deciem’s mid range skincare brand? Hylamide products still stem from Deciem’s science based techniques, but provide you with one stop combinations of ingredients to target your skin’s needs, and the results are very visible.

We tried SubQ Skin, a highly active concentrate of advanced hyaluronic complexes, next-generation peptides and biotechnologies to target rehydration, while improving the look of lines, wrinkles and textural damage. Ingredients include: Copper Lysinate/Prolinate, Next-generation pro-collagen Swiss technology for overall improvement in visible skin health and visible skin age and Nonapeptide-3 Retino-Complex, a novel technology that promotes better visible anti-aging results than Retinol with less irritation. Perfect!

Available from: www.hylamide.deciem.com

Hylamide by Deciem, SubQ Eyes, £17

For visible correction of signs of under-eye ageing, puffiness and dark circles. High-strength serum concentrate uses a wide array of peptides, plant saccharides and active technologies to rehydrate the fragile eye area, while targeted technologies improve the look of fine lines, crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles.

Available from: www.hylamide.deciem.com

Wo Comfort Balm, £30.00

This exquisite textured, high performance, multitasking Comfort Balm is an effective rejuvenating formula.  High in oils, it is ideal for removing stubborn makeup, while providing valuable skin nutrients and rapid moisture to soothe the skin, leaving it comforted and hydrated with a soft, supple appearance. Specially formulated by leading Korean innovation experts, this formula embraces Asian fermentation technology, using an innovative blend of antioxidants and plant actives.

Available from: www.wearewo.com

Studio Botanic – Face Serum, £55

Brand new vitalising face care that smoothes, boosts and moisturises. The STUDIO BOTANIC FACE SERUM (30 ml pipette glass bottle) not only has a vitalising and firming effect, but also provides your skin with moisture day and night. The special formulation of highly concentrated, vegetable hyaluronic acid, hemp and cucumber extract and vegan glycerine gives it new volume, resilience and elasticity. In addition, the serum corrects small wrinkles. Your skin will look well cared for and shine with youthful freshness.

As the FACE SERUM contains 2% long-, medium- and short-chain vegan hyaluronic acid, the upper as well as the middle and lower skin layers can be optimally reached. This way it refills the moisture depots of your skin and is the optimal basis for your daily care routine.

Available from: www.level7beautyhall.com

Superfood Frenzy Organic Moisturiser, £24.00

The first thing you’ll notice about this moisturiser is the smell, which is delicious, but you’ll stay for the effects it has on your skin! This Superfood Frenzy Organic Moisturiser gently restores your skins natural glow. Mother Nature has gifted our beautiful planet with wonderful natural resources. They have included some of her richest superfoods in our moisturiser, using plant-based nutrients to give a vitamin boost. Best used with Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Face Wash and Sakrid Superfood Frenzy Organic Facial Serum.

Available from: www.sakrid.com

Osmosis Beauty Stemfactor – Growth Factor Serum, £121.50

The clinically proven and technologically advanced Growth Factor Serum by Osmosis utilises patented methods to feed stem cells and fibroblasts to replenish the skin’s shortage of growth factors and proteins. This improves all aspects of ageing and damage by encouraging the skin’s repair process and stimulating new cell development for youthful skin.

The growth factors found in serums, gels, and creams are either bioengineered in a laboratory, or culled from human stem cells — but not necessarily human skin stem cells. Stem cells from any source — skin, fat, bone marrow, umbilical cord — can produce growth factors that give rise to a variety of different cell types in the body. They take cues from the surrounding tissue to become those types of cells, so if you put them on the skin, they help generate new skin cells; hence, younger-looking skin.”

Available from: www.harveynichols.com

Trish McEvoy, Correct & Brighten 3.8ml, £27.00

Trish McEvoy’s Correct and Brighten Concealer Pen is a hard-working warrior for any makeup bag. It is a long-wearing correcting and brightening pen instantly correcting hollowness and shadowing. Use to instantly brighten areas of concern.

Available from: www.selfridges.com

BBBLondon Tinted Brow Gel, £21

Never before has it been easier to shade, shape and style brows in one quick swipe. BBB’s new micro brush allows for absolute precision upon application. The gentle water formulation colours while leaving brows looking and feeling glossy and healthy – with no sticky residue to worry about.

The tinted brow gel is set to be a make up must-have that will not only pep up your brows but your mood too – effortlessly transforming them from sad and dishevelled to perfectly polished in seconds. Wear on its on for a naturally groomed brow look or create a power duo with our Ultra slim definer or Ultimate Arch Definer pencils for a touch more intensity.

Available from: www.bbb-london.com/tinted-brow-gel

No1 Illume Silk Exfoliating Glove, £15.99

The No1 Illume Glove was born out of lockdown by an accountant who became frustrated with dry skin, and lack of natural products in the UK to tackle the problem. Using 100% intricately woven silk viscose, the N°1 Illume glove will effortlessly exfoliate, purify and energise your skin. This ancient ritual of deep exfoliation and detoxification originates from the bath houses of Turkey (Hammams) and is known to brighten dull, dry skin and improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and cellulite. The N°1 Illume glove will remove dead skin cells on the surface (using a ‘peeling’ effect) along with unclogging pores. When used once a week, the N°1 Illume glove will help to maintain the equilibrium of your skin. Say goodbye to lacklustre skin and hello to a gorgeous, healthy glow!

Available from: www.no1illume.com


Resculpting Body Serum, Organic Pharmacy, £69.00

For a skin treat, get Organic Pharmacy’s Resculpting Body Serum. This works to resculpt and firm using targeted technology in the form of a microscopic cosmetic drone. The drones are supported by powerful plant extracts including Kigelia, Green Coffee and Garcinia which firm and tone.

Available from: www.theorganicpharmacy.com

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