Spring Beauty Best Buys

Whatever your distraction of choice, it’s fair to say that many of us will be cleaning our homes right now. A good old Spring clean will do wonders for the soul (**giddy with Zaflora in hand**). But a Spring clean needn’t be restricted to the home. Giving your beauty routine a bit of a seasonal overhaul is equally satisfying – not to mention, equally important.

If you’re a creature of habit, know what works and stick to it, perhaps you should think again. Repurchasing the same old products may be a safe bet but, they lose their wow factor over time; your skin and hair get used to them. So, it’s time to put down the cocoa butter, step away from the Nivea and open yourself up to the wonderful world of scientifically advanced products available on the market.

We appreciate it can get a little overwhelming with a gazillion choices out there, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Our Spring best buys is a roundup of some of our beauty bag must-haves for skin, hair, body – all specially picked for Spring and beyond.

















Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo £16.95 & Hydrating Conditioner £17.75

There’s a reason Moroccan Oil is such a hero brand for many. Products are rich in quality ingredients and, most importantly, they do what they say on the bottle. For dry and dehydrated hair, this range is like a treatment each time you use it. Smoothing and (you guessed it) hydrating, there’s no product residue left behind. Just controlled, smooth and shiny hair. For both the shampoo and conditioner, a little goes a long way; a bang for your buck. Another huge bonus is that they are paraben-phosphate- sulphate free: zero nasties. And can we mention that just-stepped-out-the-salon scent!?

Available from: www.moroccanoil.com

Ashley & Co Sootherup Gone Green Hand & Body Lotion £30

Fresh out the shower, there’s nothing better than lathering up with clean-smelling body lotion (this one does hands too FYI). Ashley & Co’s Sootherup lotion – part of its 100% vegan Gone Green range – has a comfortingly thick texture that sinks into the skin and hydrates deep. If you like authentic woody (yet fresh) scents, you’ll love this combination of black tea, cedarwood and elemi, as well as organic borage oil and olive leaf; with a generous helping of vitamin e. Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves skin looking hydrated and bright, too. Designed and made in New Zealand, the brand champions its products as eco-conscious, using only the cleanest ingredients.

Available from: www.shop.ashleyandco.co

Ashley & Co Wash Locks Peppy & Lucent Shampoo £28

The Wash Locks range from the natural ingredient gurus, Ashley & Co are eco-certified and suitable for all hair types. Not only does this New Zealand brand do natural products incredibly well, but they’re also pretty good at making up amazing scents too. This particular blend of crushed mint, basil leaf, lemongrass, blackcurrant bud and patchouli is our absolute favourite! Made with mentha oil to repair hair and scalp, and eucalyptus to stimulate hair growth, the Peppy & Lucent shampoo helps to restore natural moisture without build-up. With oily hair as a testing ground for this product, I can honestly say my hair stayed fresh and less oily for way longer than usual – that is no mean feat, believe me.

Available from: www.shop.ashleyandco.co

Ashley & Co Sooth Tube Gone Green Handcream £17

With continuous handwashing and handling of anti-bacterial products, it’s more important than ever to keep dryness at bay. If you want hydration combined with that clean-smelling black tea, cedarwood and elemi scent that Ashley & Co’s Gone Green range does so ridiculously well, then this is your new hand saviour. Shea butter and chamomile extract, together with organic borage oil, help to restore and soften the skin and cuticles in a texture that feels like a deep treatment with each use. Another firm bedside table must-have from the New Zealand brand’s 100% vegan range, you can slather your hands with a clear conscience, for there are no nasties here!

Available from: www.shop.ashleyandco.co

Perricone MD Vitamin C Brightening Moisturiser SPF30 £59

Hands down our star skincare buy, Perricone MD have done it again. From world-renowned Dermatologist Dr Perricone, his namesake brand never fails to deliver. Packed with vitamin C – definitely the most talked-about ingredient right now – this fast-absorbing, oil-free moisturiser comes with SPF30 and is full of powerful antioxidant ingredients that help minimise the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections – sold! The brightening effect is instant, skin feels hydrated – not oily – and noticeably plumper after the first use.

Available from: www.perriconemd.co.uk

Perricone MD Vitamin C Brightening Serum £59

The perfect prefix to its pairing moisturiser, Perricone MD’s brightening serum is the shot of Vit-C we all need. A lightweight consistency and subtle citrus scent make this serum a delight to apply, especially in the evening after a good cleanse. The potent yet mild formula includes squalene and rosemary leaf extract to hydrate, tighten the skin and reduce lines, too. Not only is it basically a facial in a bottle, but we love that it evens out the complexion as well as targeting discolouration. If you’re in the market for a dynamic and powerful duo, the Perricone Brightening twins are just that

Available from: www.perriconemd.co.uk

Dr Goldfaden MD Daily Exfoliating Scrub £65

Another absolute winner and must-have new season product, Dr Goldfaden MD’s daily exfoliating scrub is a pot of wonder. Using innovation and technology with naturally developed products that really work, the result is a fine exfoliant, delicate enough to use ‘daily’ as it suggests. Pores feel cleared and tightened (always splash with cold water after use to really tighten those pores), while the overall complexion is brighter more even. Followed with your favourite serum and moisturiser (we obviously recommend the Perricone ones), skin feels fully renewed – we have hyaluronic, seaweed and organic reds tea to thank for that.

Available from: www.goldfadenmd.com

Trilogy Hydrating Jelly Mask £22.50

Released new to the market in February this year, we have a feeling the Trilogy Hydrating Rosehip Jelly Mask may quickly become a cult favourite. The brand’s award-winning rosehip oil placed it on the map as an innovator for natural products. Now, in jelly form with a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid and New Zealand Manuka honey, Trilogy have reinvented their pioneering ingredient into a refreshing mask. The texture is literally jelly-like and the scent unmistakably (read: heavenly) rose. Rejuvenation, plumpness and brightness all restored – this mask is our mask of the year; you’ll know why when you try!

Available from: www.trilogyproducts.com

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