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The Modern Ponytail

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Sam Burnett, Founder and Creative Director of Hare & Bone salon talks through the inspiration of his latest campaign and how you can get the look at home, “I wanted to create a collection championing the ponytail through experimental techniques, wearable… Read more →

Minimalist Natural Scandinavian Style

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Are you looking for ideas to innovate your home? You can get inspiration from Scandinavian style, which stands out for its natural, unobtrusive and functional design and is at the forefront of comfort.

Have you ever thought about what lies beneath the happy and comfortable… Read more →

Opening doors to a new kind of rental experience

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Living at Rehearsal Rooms Apartments is like no other rental experience in London. It’s not just a place to live, it’s a fantastic community environment where residents have all sorts of facilities and benefits right at their fingertips—literally!… Read more →

How to Cope with Wet Summer Weather

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Summer is finally here. But in the UK you never know. You might wake up in the morning and see grey clouds accompanied by rain as you look out the window. It would probably be followed by minutes spent in front of your wardrobe, struggling to decide what to wear. But don’t… Read more →

Sunshine accessories

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While last week the brilliant sunshine had us packing away our coats and pulling on summer dresses and sandals for the hottest weather in 40 years, earlier in the month the universe threw our summer anticipation back in our faces. Rain storms, wind strong enough… Read more →

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Last-Minute Merchants

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Devoted daughter but busy busy busy with your high flying career/enormous family/chaotically glamorous social life? Yup, we’ve all been there. Read on for some great gifts for discerning dads that can either be delivered in time or bought locally. You’re welcome.… Read more →

Yawn launches new summer pyjama prints and lighter seasonal styles

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British nightwear brand Yawn has expanded their range for summer with the introduction of three new prints plus mix’n’match and lighter style options. Their hand-illustrated prints and thoughtful details have been applied to new cotton robes,… Read more →

Wearable art from Rampley & Co

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How would you like to wear a piece of Turner or Canaletto? Or perhaps an Audubon ornithological sketch is more your style… or a pattern of historic rifles. Rampley & Co shrugs off the reputation men’s clothing has for being stolid and dull to bring… Read more →

Jessica Russell Flint prints

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I enjoy the clean white lines of minimalist style as much as the next gal, but for me bright, bold and eccentric prints will always rule the roost. Vivid colours lift my mood, put a spring in my step—and when the prints include a ‘Punky Parrot’ with a fabulous… Read more →
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Sapphire, aquamarine & diamond rings. Offered in Jewellery auction, May 9

Diamonds are forever; so too are sapphires and rubies

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If there is one piece of jewellery that is desired above all others, it is the engagement ring. Historically the tradition of exchanging bands of precious metal to commemorate a special pledge to someone, either as rings or bracelets, goes back thousands of years.… Read more →