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20 Christmas Self Care Gifts That You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself…

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Saints Amber Candle, £15 Support local with this exquisite candle from Saints. It’s scented with deliciously heady rose entangled with a clambering of white jasmine, encased in a soft bed of powdery musks. The candle and more like it can be ordered from Flowwow,… Read more →

Harness the Power of Pink and Green

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Pink and green is a timeless combination that has found it’s forte in maximalist styles but can be equally at home in a sleek, modern space. Here are some of our favourite new products to help you master the art of this cheerful but relaxing pairing in the place… Read more →

Prepare for the new season with our autumn beauty & wellness roundup…

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Never Go Alone Sandstone Candle, £52 Perfect for autumnal evenings, the Edition 01 Sandstone Candle is richly scented with earthy and warm notes of sandalwood, cedar, and cardamom contrasting eucalyptus and mint. The hand-blown glass vessel has a tactile finish,… Read more →

Why You Should Be Updating Your Glasses Prescription Regularly

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Whether it’s for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, glasses play a vital role in ensuring clear and comfortable vision for everyday activities. However, the mistake many people make is sticking with the same prescription for years on end.… Read more →

AW23 Trainer Collection From Vionic: The brand that harnesses science to get you in motion

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Whether you wear yours for fashion or fitness (or both), Vionic’s AW23 trainer collection is designed to bring balance into your everyday life. Vionic believes that balance is a force within each of us. When we are in balance with ourselves, physically, emotionally… Read more →

17 Items for September That We Tried & Loved!

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& Other Stories Déjà Vu Scented Candle, £23 This beloved scent from & Other Stories was created by Jerome Epinette. Now, the Deja Vu Mood has launched as a scented candle! Delicately scented with notes of jasmine sambac, saffron flower and wild raspberry.… Read more →

Keep the little ones entertained all day long with these bright ideas…

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Mori Panda Hooded Kids Towel, £33.50 Invite their favourite animal for bathtime with this adorable Panda Hooded Kids Towel. In soft organic micro cotton, this highly absorbent towel features a hood for added snugness.

Available from www.babymori.com

Rachel RileyRead more →

Spruce up Your Home & Wardrobe With These Colourful Finds

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Mpira Upcycled Denim Jackets, £125 The newly opened Mpira in Richmond sells luxurious, well-designed pieces of clothing and homeware from upcycled and recycled waste from five grassroots Kenyan organisations, providing jobs to local communities while preventing… Read more →

Our Editor’s Pick of the Best New Beauty Launches

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Haute Lift Cream by Amanda Caroline, £120 The ultimate regenerating cream containing Haute Lift Complex, seven active ingredients using plant stem cell technology to slow the ageing process and work to strengthen the epidermis. Instantly plumping wrinkles and… Read more →

New releases for your summer reading list…

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None of This is True by Lisa Jewell, £20 None of This is True is topically all about podcasting and intrusion into two people’s lives. It starts with the meeting of two women who live in very different circumstances just a few streets away from each other – and who share… Read more →