Our Spring Holiday Checklist!

MZ Skin Skin Perfecting SPF 30 Tinted Moisturiser, £95

SPF is a must! Travelling on aeroplanes to warmer, sunnier destinations increases skin damage as a result of UV radiation. MZ Skin Tint is not only an SPF but high in antioxidants and gives an instant soft-focus glow. Formulated with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, kahai nut Oil, and encapsulated vitamin C, MZ Tint & Protect shields the skin against photoaging and defends against environmental aggressors while softening skin imperfections.

Available from www.shop.dermoi.com

Never Fully Dressed Pink Victoria Sunglasses, £39

An oversized square frame pair of sunglasses that will flatter any face shape and add that boldness to any outfit, featuring a pop of colour on the sides! They also come with a silver case inscribed with the Never Fully Dressed logo – perfect for travelling!

Available from www.neverfullydressed.co.uk

MONAT Studio One Wave Spray, £32

Packed with carefully formulated plant-derived actives and infused with REJUVENIQE, this sea-salt free wave enhancing spray protects and conditions damaged hair while serving effortless beachy vacation look that are touchably soft and visibly shiny. Coconut water hydrates dry, dull locks while a blend of bright aromatic notes of natural bergamot peel, juicy pear and sandalwood leave you feeling fresh and radiant all day. This spray provides a gentle, non-sticky hold for up to 24 hours.

Available from corp.mymonat.com

The Pro Pencil Bundle, £25

What if we told you that simply an eyebrow pencil and sharpener duo is all you need to create the sharpest brows wherever you are? Leading UK brow brand, HD Brows have developed a ground-breaking brow duo promising seriously realistic, natural-looking brows. All you need is the Pro Pencil, a cult classic used to create ultra-realistic hair strokes. Then you’ll need the Pro Super Shaper, an innovative new brow pencil-sharpening tool that’s one of a kind. Together, the unbeatable combo promises super sharp, gorgeous brows on tap!

Available from www.hdbrows.com

Driftwood Designs Flowers Travel Bag, £14

We love this travel makeup bag from Lizzie Spikes. Lizzie draws inspiration for her vivid illustrations from the coast and surrounding countryside of her home in Aberystwyth, West Wales which are then transferred to a range of homewares, gifts and stationery. This practical and pretty travel bag has scatterings of bright flowers on a jade green background, absolutely gorgeous!

Available from www.driftwooddesigns.co.uk

Nood Lift & Shape Bra, £44

NOOD are an incredible, sustainable company who are changing the bra game for everyone – even larger breasted women – hurray! They have created the first sustainable adhesive bra which is fully sweat-proof and waterproof and is designed to suit every skin tone and support all breast shapes and sizes. The Lift and Shape Bra (which isn’t your usual bra!) is designed to lift, hold and support breasts of all shapes and sizes with a sticky backing meaning you can wear a v neck top or backless dress with no worries of a bra strap or nip slip popping out. All this and they’re small enough to flatpack into your holiday backpack!

Available from www.lovenood.co.uk

Pretty Magpie, Large Silk Scrunchie, £10

These are 100% silk scrunchies. Aside from looking pretty, silk scrunchies help protect the hair and cut down friction and tension that you can get from regular hair ties, making them perfect for hair that’s been dried out from the sun or needs wrapping up in a stylish bun!

Available from www.pretty-magpie.com

Brutal Clothing London Umber Cross Back Sports Bra, £18.00, and shorts, £15

If your idea of a trip away is something a little more active, then treat yourself to something special from Brutal Clothing London. The brand has a great selection of sportswear to suit every body type, and you can mix and match to suit your wants and needs.

Available from www.brutal-london.com

Altrient Liposomal Glutathione, £70.99

Travelling puts stress on the body and the immune system. This can lead to fatigue but also contributes to the ageing process. Topical antioxidants will protect your body and skin from free radical damage and support your body’s natural antioxidant defences. This must-have supplement aids the efficient absorption of glutathione into cells using liposomal encapsulation technology. This makes it highly bioavailable and a potent weapon against oxidative stress. It’s perfect for those travelling in cities with highly polluted environments!

Available from www.shop.dermoi.com

Legology, Hot Legs, £75

The ultimate leg-perfecting duo, this kit contains Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs (Crème Contour Des Jambes) and Sun-Lite Sheer Lingerie For Legs (Crème Pour Les Jambes Teintée), two heroes, to deliver instant leg-lightening, comfort and colour effects. Use Air-Lite to deliver shape and lightness and Sun-Lite to deliver lightness and wash-off colour for bare legs.

Available from www.legology.co.uk

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