Tiger Socks by designer Hedof - supporting WWF

Look Mate London

My current sock obsession: Look Mate London. Created by brothers in a London coffee shop, through the process of merging two lists. One, a list of people they wanted to work with, the other of all the things they felt passionately about.

This led to the birth of Look Mate London, a company that each month collaborates with a different aspiring creative to produce these incredibly funky socks, each with a bold print and electric colour palette.

La Isla Bonita Socks by Visual Artist Murnau Den Linden

La Isla Bonita Socks by visual artist Murnau Den Linden

This month’s exciting partnership has allowed Look Mate London to combine both their love for socks and an issue they are equally passionate about—tiger conservation.

Thanks to the efforts of the WWF, last year the number of tigers in the wild increased for the first time in conservation history. But they’re not stopping there: WWF still have an ambitious target to double wild tigers numbers by 2022, the next Chinese Year of the Tiger. This led to a logical step for Look Mate to team up with designer Hedof (Rick Berkelmans), himself a proud supporter of the environment and an animal lover. This alliance has resulting in the eccentrically bold ‘Tiger Socks’.

Wet Socks by graphic artist Thomas Hedger

Wet Socks by graphic artist Thomas Hedger

Priced at £12 per pair with Look Mate London and Hedof donating a portion of sales to the WWF’s Tiger Protector campaign, you can help to raise money whilst increasing awareness of the campaign through your awesome and vibrant Tiger Socks.


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