Hand Finished Basins Made From the Finest Porcelain

Founded in 2017 by interior designer Anna Callis and her daughter Nathalie, London Basin Company makes richly decorated porcelain basins, reinventing a classic art form for contemporary bathrooms. Today the company ship worldwide, selling exclusively from their own website.

The concept grew from Anna’s search for a decorative basin for a project she was working on. The idea she had in her mind simply did not exist, so she set out to create it. It took more than three years to develop the patterns and find the right porcelain factory to produce exquisite quality basins embellished with Anna’s own designs.

At first glance, the patterns appear to be traditional themes, but a closer look quickly reveals the complexity of Anna’s designs. Drawn from her travels and research, they cleverly interweave iconic themes spanning several centuries of decorative art from China, Japan, the Middle East and Europe.

Each basin is a one-off, hand-finished using a variety of techniques. The patterns are applied in two main ways ‘under the glaze’ and ‘over the glaze’. With ‘under the glaze’ decorating, the pattern is applied to the porcelain, then the basins are glazed and fired. In the ‘over the glaze’ technique, the basins are glazed and fired, then the pattern is applied and the basins are fired twice again to ensure paint durability.

Not only are the patterns extremely durable, but the porcelain itself is also strong and resilient, perfectly suited to bathroom use. It is fabulously tactile and has the resonant ‘chime’ of all fine china bowls.

Incredibly versatile, London Basin Company’s current collection consists of 27 different basins in a variety of shapes and sizes and offers both simple, neutral designs for those looking for a more pared-back look as well as their hallmark bold and decorative patterns. Colours range from calming blue and white and pale pastel pink to richly coloured jewel tones with gilded highlights.

Designed to complement their basins, London Basin Company have also expanded their range to include single and double vanity units, taps and a collection of bathroom mirrors, all available in an array of specialist finishes. Vanity units come with a choice of bespoke tops in reclaimed wood, natural stone, and white terrazzo.

Inspired by historic design from across the globe, the entire collection comes together to offer a new look at luxury, transforming classic pieces into striking focal points and bringing a unique sense of style to bathroom interiors.

London Basin Company; www.londonbasincompany.com; +44 208 749 1267

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