Home Ideas: nest away with these stylish life hacks

Oyoy Living, Saga Bonbonniere, £19

We love this gorgeous little pot in camel with a matching lid. The design is simple and elegant with a cute detail on top. Hideaway small treasures, sweets, or your jewellery in the bonbonniere.

Available from www.oyoylivingdesign.co.uk


Kikkerland Elephant Letter Organiser, £29.60

The elephant letter or magazine organiser can sit on a desk or be mounted to a wall. When mounted, its trunk becomes a key holder. Comes with mounting hardware. Baked enamel on steel.

Available from www.kikkerlandeu.com

Kikkerland Water From A Stone Self-Watering Plant Globes, £13.75

Keep your plants perfectly watered when you’re away! Water From A Stone slowly lets water out into your planter over the course of 3-4 days.

Available from www.kikkerlandeu.com

Pampering Aromatherapy Bath Salts with Rose Oil, £7.50

Rose aromatherapy bath salts, infused with rose quartz energy and blended with 3 powerful salts; Epsom, Dead Sea and Himalayan. Packed with goodness and over 84 natural minerals, this is a natural way to increase magnesium and sulphate in the body. Natural rose flowers imbue their energy and fragrance along with pure aromatherapy.

Available from www.zephorium.com

Hand-Picked from Wine Unpacked £79

Wine Unpacked, founded by Tom Planer, has launched a brand-new wine subscription service, Hand-Picked. Wine Unpacked was initially launched to debunk the myths and mysteries surrounding wine and make tasting and learning about wine more accessible. The initial delivery from the subscription service is the Tastefinder box. The box provides twelve fun-sized bottles of whites and reds and a detailed chart that guides the user through a tasting experience and allows them to highlight everything from whether they prefer Chardonnay to Beaujolais, full-bodied or light-bodied flavour and how much tannin tantalises their taste buds. After the Tastefinder has been completed, the team of experts at Wine Unpacked will go through the chart to curate the perfect box of monthly wines to send out. The brand offers a completely personalised and customisable experience which ensures customers will love every bottle they receive.

Available from www.wineunpacked.com

Oyoy Living Inka Wood Tray, £41

This piece is characterised by its simple design and clean lines which are especially reflected in this round tray. The round Inka Wood Tray is made of oak and the unique and natural structure will add warmth and soul to the home.

Available from www.oyoylivingdesign.co.uk

Love & Surrender with Rose Oil Affirmation Candle, £38

Pure coconut wax 100% natural aromatherapy candle infused with the delicacy of pure rose oil. The scent is reminiscent of walks through summer gardens and the delicate waft of roses as you brush your hands over the petals. Rose quartz homoeopathic crystal enhances the heart energy and the ability to receive unconditional love. These self-empowering candles are inscribed with positive affirmations for the ultimate mind, body and soul experience, whilst creating divine fragrances and energy to fill the home or workspace. Each candle has been hand poured into a glass jar and is presented in a beautiful gift box that contains an affirmation card.

Available from www.zephorium.com


Kikkerland Fish Garlic Press, £12.70

This is quite the life hack! Crush garlic easily & cleanly without any mess! To crush garlic, take a clove and apply pressure back & forth to crush. Garlic pieces can easily be spooned or scraped into the pan.

Available from www.kikkerlandeu.com

Pure Anada Home Deep Down Deodorizing Scrub, £10.50

Deep Down Deodorizing Scrub is gentle and non-abrasive. It works on grimy surfaces throughout your home including, kitchen and bathroom tubs, tiles, porcelain fixtures, carpets and pots/pans. Essential oils of Clove and Lavender offer anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Available from www.liveinthelight.co.uk

Zerowater 12 cup water filter, £39.99

The BBC recently announced that the UK’s safe level of ‘forever chemicals’ for tap water is too high. Zerowater is a premium filter and reduces 99.6% of all total dissolved solids that are found in your drinking water. It delivers the purest tasting water in minutes – so good you can see straight through, no more limescale and other pollutants. Zerowater removes twice as many solids from tap water as leading filter brands in the UK. Whilst premium bottled water looks glamorous coming from the top of snowy mountains, the carbon footprint is shocking, and micro-plastics enter the water from the bottle itself. Better for you, your pocket, and the Environment.

Available from www.zerowater.co.uk

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