5 gold rings

Five Gold Rings (But Forget The French Hens)

Forget the partridge, the pear tree, and all the bloomin French hens – when it comes to Christmas the best thing to give your true love are gold rings (maybe not all five of them though!) We’ve created a list of beautiful golden rings that make for the best Christmas gifts you could give this year…

  1. Golden Filigree. This filigree ring is constructed by Italian specialists who weave tiny threads of gold to construct a wonderfully intricate, floral pattern that sits neatly on an elegant solitaire ring. This beautiful showpiece captures a sparkling light in every curve and contour within it’s honeycomb feature-piece.
    Golden Filigree
  2. Rose Gold, Amethyst & Diamond. Amethysts and diamonds add a wonderfully playful spark to this 18ct rose gold band and make it something of a show-stopper gift. The rich violet hues are framed by brilliant white, which not only catch the eye, but draw out the lighter tones in any festive evening dress.
    Rose Gold Amethyst and Diamond
  3. Gold & Diamond Double Teardrop. What I like about this ring is that the shape reminds me of two people holding hands, which gives it additional significance as a romantic Christmas gift. Also, the designers have chosen to embellish the rose gold with diamonds on only one side and this ensures that the elegant form isn’t overpowered by the sparkling white.
    Gold & Diamond Double Teardrop
  4. Oval Quartz & Diamond. This large statement piece showcases an off-white oval quartz flanked by twenty-six 0.14ct round-cut diamonds. This shapely stone has a slight rose tint, which makes it an exquisite accompaniment to deep reds and blues (great Christmas colours).
    Oval Quartz & Diamond.
  5. Citrine & Diamond Ring. Crowned in sparkling diamonds, this citrine gemstone shines with a golden light that is entirely unique. All the stones are nested in a neat 18ct rose gold casing, bonded to a singlet ring. Because the central stone matches the gold so well, this could act really well as a neutral ring to go with almost any outfit.
    Citrine & Diamond Ring

If you want to buy jewellery this Christmas, for yourself or for a loved one, then I suggest getting one of these beautiful and unique golden rings. On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… any of the above, but forget the pear tree!

Alex Rivergreen is passionate about fashion, design and beautiful jewellery, which she buys as often as she can afford to. She writes for several design sites, along with her own blog ModernStyleReview. All images courtesy of Tomassa.

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