Editor’s Best of Summer Beauty Picks

Good Genes by Sunday Riley

Revive and brighten the complexion with the Sunday Riley Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment, a multi-tasking moisturiser and mask that works to refine, clarify and rejuvenate without drying the skin.

This innovative formula contains clean and formaldehyde-free glycolic acid molecules as well as lactic acid, prickly pear extract and purifying lemongrass. These active ingredients sink into the skin and help to remove debris while minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and unblocking pores. The treatment also contributes towards the health and vitality of previously sun-damaged skin and can help dull, lacklustre skin to regain its radiance.

The Sunday Riley Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment can be applied as a serum morning and evening each day. Its gentle exfoliation soothes and boosts the complexion.

Having been recommended it by a male make-up artist with the best skin this side of infancy, I was more than keen to try the cult hero. Within hours I was hooked! Not only does it increase your glow over days, weeks and months, but catching my reflection a couple of hours after applying it floored me! I’d forgotten I’d put it on, and, momentarily, wondered what witchcraft had befallen me and how and why I looked so glowy and fresh!

Having used it for a week, not only am I waking up with the sort of soft-focus skin previously only achievable with an Instagram filter, I’ve also noticed my skin looks lit from within, or, possibly, hand-painted by angels shortly after slathering it on. One of the few products that wholeheartedly justify an unapologetic price-tag.

£85, Space NK

Evermore London Candle – Flore

Inspired by her search for a cleaner fragrance, Evermore founder, Sarah Bell, wanted to create her own natural candles. As a result, in 2014 she decided to give the craft of candle making a try. So followed late nights looking for the best waxes, wicks, fragrances and vessels. Eventually she found the perfect blend of vegan waxes and luxury scents. The result was Evermore; sustainable natural candles hand-poured with a rapeseed and soy wax for a long-lasting burn. Heavy, tasteful and expensive-looking, not only are Evermore’s candles ethically made and sourced, they give the Diptyques and Bamfords a run for their money in the mantelpiece envy dept.

While the whole range is delicious, we fell in love with the Mist and Lilac Blossom scent – the closest one can get to a dew-drenched morning, captured in chic black glass and wax.

£48, evermorelondon.com


Smoovall is a skin contact spray, as an alternative to talc, Vaseline or duct tape to prevent soreness and irritation caused by friction. Ideal for women who wear dresses or tight clothing, the spray forms an invisible & breathable protective layer on your skin to prevent irritation. Also great for athletes and men who are particularly active.

I’ve been raving about this spray so much two friends have bought bottles since I told them about it, with one describing it as ‘life-changing’! Small enough to pass hand luggage liquid restrictions, and effective enough to go for a run in a sundress in the heat – I honestly won’t be heading anywhere hot without this.

£12.99, smoovall.co.uk

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12

If you’re all too familiar with early wakeup calls, sleepless nights and busy days, chances are you’re not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your health, wellbeing and of course, your skin – just one bad night’s sleep can make its mark. When exhaustion sets in, your body’s micro-circulation slows so that tiny capillaries responsible for feeding facial muscles and skin cells underperform causing a slack, pale, lifeless complexion. If your skin needs a wakeup call, it’s time to reach for a cocktail…

This B12 Skin lotion is a nourishing skin tonic that acts like an energy drink for tired skin – instantly recharging and rebooting on contact for a healthier, brighter, well-rested complexion. A potent ‘shot’ of vitamins B12, B3 and Brown Algae, jolts the skin’s own energy production into high gear, to re-energise, de-puff and bring back a more toned looking complexion. Centella and Ginseng give skin some much needed pep by increasing micro circulation in capillaries connected to muscles and cells – reinvigorating and making skin look tauter, brighter, rosier and healthier.

These energising ingredients are blended with a naturally moisturising mix of 12 amino acids and two types of hyaluronic acids to replenish the skin’s moisture levels for immediate, visible plumping. Re-boot tired skin and restore vitality with Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12.

Having tried this for a month I found it added hydration to my usual routine, but it really comes into its own when you need to look great, pronto! Woken up late looking worse for wear with a breakfast meeting in 20 minutes? Slap some of this on even if there’s no time for makeup. It’s a week’s rest and wholesome living in a bottle!

£24.50, timebombco.com

Cavendish Premium Shaving Kit

This exceptional kit makes the boring and mundane task of shaving away your whiskers into a pleasurable and relaxing experience. The contemporary set has everything you need to start the day a traditional way.

If you prefer a full, clean shave without any kerfuffle then this kit will leave your skin fresh, soft and clean. If you’d rather neaten up around your moustache to make your spiffing handlebars stand out, then this razor is jolly good for those precise and splendid strokes that will allow you pull off a blinder.

Either way, I gave it to my boyfriend and it looks absolutely marvellous in his bathroom!

£29.99, prezzybox.com

Biotulin Gel

The list of celebrities is long: Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Queen Letizia of Spain, Madonna, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kim Kardashian, and many more, swear by the anti-aging miracle that is Biotulin.

Biotulin is a one-of-a-kind cosmetic line known as the organic botulinum toxin that visibly reduces wrinkles in just 1 hour. The plant-based active ingredient Biotulin consists of Spilanthol, a local anaesthetic derived from the extract of the Acmella oleracea plant (paracress). It reduces muscle contractions and relaxes facial features. Wrinkles are reduced, especially around the eyes and between the eyebrows. Having test-driven Biotulin for just a week I’ll be adding myself to the long list of mega-fans.

£43, biotulin.com

ALOR Luxury Personalised Bottles

ALOR’s ethos is brilliantly simple. High-quality and high-performing stylish bottles that actually make you want to stop using single-use plastic. Their sleek lines and classic colours have created a timeless product that takes you from the boardroom to the gym and everywhere in-between.

ALOR Bottles are sleek and elegant, and due to the advanced double wall vacuum technology, ALOR promise to keep water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Their added monogramming service allows you to personalise your bottle, making them the most perfect gift! I took a monogrammed grey ALOR bottle to Istanbul for a Forbes 30 Under 30 alum’s very lavish 30th birthday party last month, and zut alors – she was chuffed to bits!

£20, alorstore.com

Kimberly Sayer Cleanser

This gentle creamy cleanser with a base of Soy, Seaweed and Lavender Oil, removes surface impurities and deep cleanses clogged pores. Gentle enough to remove make up, it wont dry or irritate the delicate eye tissue. Wonderful fresh aroma leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Packaged in airless plastic flask with pump dispenser. Celebrity fans of Kimberly Sayer’s Gentle Cleansing Lotion include Paula Abdul who regularly visits Kimberly for facials when in New York. I love everything from the scent, to the liquid creamy texture that melts both foundation and eye-makeup, to how it leaves my skin looking (and feeling) – a new seal of approval from West London Living.

£22.20, lovelula.com

White and Green Silk Pillowcase

White and Green Silk Pillowcases use only the highest quality grade A charmeuse silk, incredibly beneficial for skin and hair!

Benefits include fewer wrinkles on your face – dermatologists can easily tell which side of our body we sleep on and as we age, these sleep wrinkles develop into permanent lines. Also healthier hair – hair glides across as you move in your sleep minimising breakage and the dreaded “bed head”.

Wake up with protected skin, tangle-free hair and rest assured (ho ho ho) that you’ll experience reduced hair loss and breakage in the long-run. I’ve owned a few silk pillowcases in my time, but none anywhere near as soft as White and Green’s – having road-tested the pillowcase for the past couple of weeks I can confidently say I won’t be going anywhere without it!

£70, whiteandgreenhome.com

New Nordic Hair Volume Gummies

Menopause almost always affects the hair on your scalp. Symptoms of menopause can include dullness, dryness and thinning of the hair. 50 is the average age for menopause, but changes to the hair can begin long before, and is one reason why hair thinning during menopause is difficult to counteract. Nobody over 40 has the same volume of hair they had in their 20s, but menopause is an accelerating cause. Most commonly, women may notice a reduction in the thickness/volume of each strand – this is normally gradual. But what can women do to help support hair and ensure its durability? New Nordic’s Hair Volume Gummies supply nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles where the hair is formed. Formulated with apple, millet, copper, biotin and zinc helping to maintain hair strength and reinforce hair protein from the first sprout of new hair – ensuring each strand pre, during and post menopause is protected.

Being (hopefully) far from menopausal, I was more interested in generally strengthening my weak, dry, fragile hair; but also inadvertently noticed my nails grew a good half cm in 4 weeks! We all tried them here at West London Living Towers, and they taste so delicious you’ll remember to take them everyday!

£19.99, hollandandbarrett.com

Berries Best Antioxidant

Berries Best is a nutritious, doctor-formulated food supplement composed of organic fruit and vegetables. As per its name, the key ingredients in Berries Best are specially selected berry fruits such as blackberry, blueberry, bilberry and lycium berry. Suitable for vegans and boasting a high ORAC value, the blend is a great addition to the diet of anyone wanted to boost health, stave off visible ageing and bolster their immune system.

Having test-driven it for a few weeks, I can say it makes a fantastic addition to a kale and coconut water smoothie, giving it all the flavour (and vitamins) it needs to taste (and function) like a much more comprehensive mix than the kale/spinach I threw in the blender alongside! I also noticed a marked improvement in energy on days that began with Berries Best, and a miracle recovery on, ahem, mornings after the night before.

£29.75, water-for-health.co.uk










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