Christmas Gift Guide 2015 #4: Festive Candles

citrus and cinnamon

Mrs Todd Citrus & Cinnamon—£25

What could be more Christmassy than orange and lemon, warm middle notes of clove and cinnamon, a touch of musk and hint of jasmine? I lit this delicately decorated artisan candle and was immediately transported to a fantasy yuletide of fragrant dreams.

Lime, basila and mandarin

Parks Basil, Lime & Mandarin Candle Lime—£12.99

Basil, lime and mandarin offer a refreshing take on the festive theme and this elegantly packaged candle, made with essential-oil-based ingredients, is sure to add a flicker of sophistication to any interior.



True Grace Christmas Classics, Nos 39 and 40—£25

Two very different yet equally delightful versions of Christmas here. Serenely all-white No 39 offers branches of fresh pine and cedar, cutting through seasonal excess and replacing it with the freshness of a crisp snowy forest; No 40 glows jewel-like in its wine-coloured glass, wafting warm cinnamon and orange zest—true reminders of a traditional country Christmas.

The Golden Goblet_

Feu de Beaumont the Golden Goblet—£189

Look at this burnished beauty. Just look at it! Surely the king of scented candles, it is available in either Wild Fig or Jasmine, and crafted out of 22 carat gold plate. Get it engraved with a personal message for serious brownie points.


Heart Chakra Candle, Daisy Jewellery—£29

These charming Chakra candles each represent different moods, with Heart inspiring compassion, altruism and love—surely what Christmas is all about. Layers of rose, mandarin and lily have been woven into notes of sandalwood and amber to render you serene and happy over the festive season.

JM chestnut

Jo Malone Roasted Chestnut Deluxe Candle—£120

The high-priestess of scented candles has this year brought out a limited edition version that invokes chestnuts roasting on an open fire, seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon and clove and sweetened with soft caramel. Just add Nat King Cole for the most potent of yuletide hits.

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