Bring in the autumn in style with 11 luxury launches

The weather may be all over the place, but you don’t need to be. Bring in the new season in style with these luxurious treats…

Chic & Raw England Amethyst Sacral Chakra Crystal Candle, £36.00

Chic & Raw’s Sacral Chakra candle contains two Raw Amethyst Crystals. Amethysts are thought to soothe overactivity and too much thinking. Ylang Ylang essential oil has a fresh, floral, sweet aroma making your home smell like a spa! Use for creativity, to calm the mind, while working from home or starting a new project. Use for insomnia or excessive worry before sleep as part of a night-time ritual. The candles are natural, with organic soybean wax, so non-toxic and paraffin-free.

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Miller Harris Oud Éclat, £160

Whether you’re an existing oud lover or just becoming acquainted with it, Oud Éclat, the latest scent from Miller Harris is guaranteed to turn the tables on what you would normally expect from this mesmerising ingredient. In Oud Éclat, the oud actually forms part of the top notes (what you smell when you first apply the perfume) blended with cashmere wood, which then warms up to notes of sugar, tagete, balsam and nutmeg for a much more beguiling bouquet. This is underscored by a rich base of moss and musk that deliver a memorable, mellow dry down.

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Sisley Paris The Cream 230, £70.00

This restorative heat-activated haircare leaves hair nourished, feeling stronger, appearing silkier and beautified.

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Growth Factor Eye Serum

This eye serum targets deeper eye wrinkles, crease formation, hollowness and microcirculation decline. The cooling massaging applicator soothes the skin and re-invigorates the look of tired eyes. It improves the appearance of expression lines, visibly smooths wrinkles, increases hydration and provides filler-like plumpness! Phew.

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Dull Faace cleanser mask combo, £24 

Is it a mask? Is it a cleanser? Who cares as long as it gives you brighter, smoother skin. A multi-tasking dream, use it as a cleanser to remove impurities when you’re tight on time or leave it on for 10 minutes as a mask if your skin needs the big guns going in.

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ICONIC London’s Radiance Booster, £30.00

Available in 10 sheer, versatile shades, Radiance Booster can be worn alone to complement natural beauty or beneath foundation for a luminous under-glow. Containing ingredients that help give a glowing, hydrated look; it applies seamlessly to even skin tone by providing a sheer veil of colour. Combining innovative Oleo-Gel complex to smooth and even out your complexion with Luminiser Peptides that maintain skin transparency for a soft-polish effect; skin is left looking healthy, rested and glowy. The vegan and cruelty-free formula also contains a pore-minimising agent to blur and enhance, resulting in an all-over “mirror skin” look.

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Lily and Loaf - Velvet Rose & Oud Soy Wax Candle - Candle
Lily & Loaf Velvet Rose & Oud Soy Wax Candle, £14.99

Richly decadent, dark rose notes are wrapped in smoky oud wood, with musk & amber, to help relax the mind and calm the body.

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Wild Science Lab Leaf + Seed Head First Scalp Relief Shampoo, £24.00, & Conditioner, £26.00

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has the ability to be an important ingredient when it comes to hair health, and in particular scalp health. Combing industry experience with potent botanical formulations and innovation, Wild Science Labs’ Head First haircare collection contains the highest dose of the purest form of CBD to soothe sore scalps and promote healthy hair growth for all hair types. Available as shampoo and conditioner.

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Réduit UNI, £89.00

Powered by the enhanced delivery technologies of Magnetic Misting and Ultrasonic Diffusion, the device delivers better absorption and deeper penetration of tailor-made actives. UNI ensures quick and effective application in just seconds, with its weightless and precise approach; free from heavy filler ingredients it delivers targeted actives in a weightless, ultra-fine mist. Its minimal and futuristic design provides the best ergonomic experience; the perfect palm-sized travel companion for on-the-go beauty. Available in 4 chic colourways, depending on your style preference, finished with medical-grade silicone and polycarbonates. The UNI is not only a sustainable beauty solution with exceptional value for money, but its tear-resistant and waterproof design make it a smart long-term investment too.

Available from and Loaf - Freesia & Cedar Soy Wax Candle - Candle

Lily & Loaf Freesia & Cedar Soy Wax Candle, £14.99

Brighten up your home with a sweet warm fragrance inspired by an English Summer’s garden. This scent has floral notes of freesia and jasmine, with cedar and a hint of peach and pineapple. Perfect for those looking for a fragrance that’s light and fresh.

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MONAT Advanced Hydrating In-Shower Masque, £42

This fast-acting in-shower masque deeply hydrates and smooths the hair with antioxidants. Enriched with Panthenol, Advanced Hydrating In-Shower Masque is a lightweight, deep hydrating in-shower masque that provides a hydration and moisture boost to dry and fine hair while promoting shine and softness.

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